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Friday, May 29, 2009


I went to an EU hustings at Hillhead Library which turned out to be being recorded for local radio broadcasts though the BBC had, for some reason, turned it down. The questions were, in Question Time manner, pre-set with members of the audience allowed to read them out but Lesley, the chairperson was keen to have remarks from the audience & indeed for the audience to appear more active & larger than it was. The SNP, Labour, Conservative & LibDim candidates were seated on the platform & the UKIP candidate (#2) on their list was occasionally allowed to speak from the audience & may been able to do so more than the 3 times I did.

First was when a Moslem socialist sitting in front of me said we had to get rid of capitalism, that the recession proved it had know the drill. I said "rubbish" rather loudly & was invited to speak & said that we had to realise that free enterprise works & that North Korea is starving while South Korea is a successful growing economy. That we should use the system that works.

Second was similarly when the SNP candidate said that Scotland's future is to be creating 100s of thousands of "green" jobs & I said that we simply cannot build a successful sustainable (in the true meaning of the word) on jobs that do & always will depend on massive subsidy. (This idiot is from the party running the place!)

After that the chair was, perfectly reasonably, seeking out people who hadn't spoken before. However the 3rd time came at the end of a question & discussion on what action the EU should be taking against the Israelis for all their atrocities in Gaza (including a claim that they allowed dogs to eat the bodies of children which I would require some evidence for). At the end Lesley asked if anybody wished to speak on the other side & the Moslem socialist in front put up our hands but it turned out, unsurprisingly, that he just wished to agree & be slightly more anti-Semitic than the average. On the other hand I said that we should compare the Israeli's actions with our own in setting up the KLA as "police" & allowing them to kidnap 1,300 Serbs & while they were still alive cut them open & remove the organs for western hospitals & that this was far....... at this point I was stopped & Lesley said that being from Northern Ireland she was not going to allow "whataboutery" (each side justifying its case by reciting atrocities against them) & that my statement had been "unhelpful". Considering that we had just had 10 minutes of anti-Jewish "whataboutery" I was not in the least surprised to be stopped. The anti-Semitic Moslem socialist turned round & proved himself to be a lying genocidal Nazi by saying that that had never happened. I mention him only to show how closely linked extreme socialism, Nazism & Moslem racism are.

At he end I had a few words with the UKIP candidate & a fan came up & asked me if I had stood for the 2 1/2% Growth party, which 2 years on is pretty good going.

It is possible that my remarks will be edited out but, because Lesley had asked for comments from the not Israel bashing side I think that would require editing out the entire part of that discussion since anything else would clearly be anti-Semitic racism.

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