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Saturday, May 09, 2009


This is something I picked up via Michael Savage's site. It is about the way California is about to go bankrupt.
The only measure that voters back widely would do little to help the state budget -- but it would send a clear message to Sacramento. The poll found that 73% plan to vote for Proposition 1F, which would freeze the salaries of lawmakers in deficit years.
I can suddenly see why such an extremist gets banned from Britain even though Jacqui Smith lied when she said he supported violence. Imagine if the British people were given such a choice.

California referendum propositions - This is something that Scotland could do even if the UK won't.

Of course I had never heard of Mr Weiner (his real name apparently) but I have now heard some of his stuff via youtube. In truth he doesn't say much more than I hear in pubs up and down the country.

Oh dear, a lot of people may not be allowed back in from their summer hols if Nanny Jackie doesn't approve.
They started with the foreigners but I wasn't a foreigner...
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