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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Before the RAF were there but not before the radioactivity was

Letter sent all of Scotland's & much of the UK's media & as far as I know, not published. Looks like the MSM are as unwilling to publish anything against government "environmentalist" bureaucrats as about fashionable acts of genocide. I did also put this on Gary's Radio Scotland blog & they have not censored it & though not commented on did appear on a separate Google search I made which suggests it has been seen.

"I write to let you know of a claim made by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) Feb 2nd on Radio Scotland that radioactivity at Dalgety Bay, could not possibly be natural background radiation because they have tested the particles & proven them to be paint.

After 3 months of a Freedom of Information enquiry by me they have failed to produce any of the requested evidence of any such testing ever taking place or of radiation readings of adjoining beaches ever having been taken for comparison.

On the other hand in the numerous reports they have sent are buried such gems as that the radiation at Dalgety beach, on which they have spent so much money is 1/3rd LESS than experienced every day by anybody in the streets of Aberdeen & that when "attempts were made to disaggregate these samples to pinpoint more accurately the location of the radioactivity. The result showed that .... it was not possible to subdivide the sample further without loss of identity to its constituent parts" which obviously totally contradicts their claim to have separated out the particles, tested them & proven them to be paint & thus manmade. It seems like kicking an argument when it is down to mention that the original radium paint was water soluble so that even if a fraction of a gram had been there 64 years ago it would be long gone, Scotland not having a desert climate.

SEPA are still maintaining this claim to have tested such sub microscopic particles & proven them to be paint containing radium & this must thus be accepted as the highest standard of honesty to which "environmentalists" in the Scottish government aspire. On the other hand either (A) they are telling the truth but for some unfathomable reason they are deliberately concealing the evidence that would support the claim, even though this is a breach of the law, or (B) they are lying.

In any case the fact is that the level of radiation is so much lower than background radiation elsewhere in Scotland. Yet SEPA are allowed to spend probable millions on such pointless nonsense. This, is indicative of the way false fears have been used, worldwide, for bureaucratic eco-empire building. Whether this was intentional or done by people who sincerely believed their own scare stories will be seen by whether (B) or (A) is proven.

It is also worth pointing out that though government bureaucracies worldwide prefer the LNT theory that there is no lower safe limit for radiation they have been unable to produce any actual evidence for it whereas the alternative ^& traditional hormesis theory, that at low levels it is not harmful & even beneficial has substantial evidence behind it. When we consider the at least 10s of trillions of pounds that this false anti-nuclear scare has cost the human race over the last 50 years it is, at the least, unfortunate that such scaremongering has been successful despite the overwhelming scientific evidence.

Neil Craig

References - SEPA's response to FoI enquiry
my reply to SEPA dissecting their answer full writing & correspondence on Dalgety Bay "radium" radiation hormesis & LNT (Linear No Threshold)
PS If the letter is considered too long to hold readers' interest the 1st 3 paragraphs can be read as a unit. Personally I think the fact that a major & expensive part of government has been falsifying to empire build to the considerable harm of locals is a matter of importance. But then what do I know about "real" journalism"
This went to the Herald & Scotsman:

"I note that the LibDems have announced their campaign for the EU election. This party made a manifesto promise to support a referendum on the new treaty & then, as soon as the election was over, cynically voted against such a referendum. ow could any self respecting person vote for them. I admit I may e biased having been expelled from the party some years ago for being an economic liberal, though I am assured that was just a cover story & I was actually expelled for being against illegal wars & genocide."
Herald - Not overly surprised because, looking at the last line, it is clear the Herald's journalists are as much part of Scotland's Luddite political class as the politicians:

"In calling for increased taxpayer "support" for cycling, amounting to what, though he doesn't give costs, looks like over £1 billion a year in Scotland Stuart Allan (letter Saturday) is exercising his basic civil right. Nonetheless it can be argued that this method of locomotion has been around for some time & if it is that great the taxpayer doesn't need to pay himself to do it."
To all & sundry - initially written as a reply to a Scotsman letter denouncing the lack of coverage of Sri Lanka compared to Gaza as essentially anti-Semitic bias, which is not untrue. I think the refusal to publish this proves that anti-Semitism is only a small part of the racism our MSM practice:

"Why has there been relatively little coverage of the deaths in Sri lanka when Gaza got front page treatment for weeks?. Perhaps because it is further away or because Britain is in no way involved or because it is difficult for the media to portray it in goodies V baddies terms. However the coverage of both has been infinitely greater than that of the admission, over a year ago, by the chief Yugoslav War Crimes prosecutor, Carla del Ponte, that she & NATO governments had known, for many years, that NATO police (formerly the KLA) had been dissecting hundreds, probably thousands, of innocent people, while they were still alive & selling the body parts to western hospitals. Since this is both closer & far more directly our responsibility than Sri Lanka or indeed Gaza the only remaining reason for it going unreported is that it does not fit the media "goodies & baddies" story with which they & our political leaders sold that illegal war, hospital bombings & subsequent genocide."
I also sent out letters rewritten from my hormesis & 3rd anniversary of Labour's nuclear "conversion" articles.

This morning I got a phone call from a reporter on the Dundee Courier about my letter. He had contacted SEPA & got a reply that their findings at Dalgety Bay were "consistent with" radium but making no mention of the alleged testing proving it was radium paint. I said those were "weasel words meaning nothing" since it was also consistent with it being purely natural - many things are consistent with many others. He was clearly quite surprised to find that I was simply an ordinary person rather than a representative of some sort of official organisation (other than the 9% Growth Party) & I am sure that had I been a representative of a fakecharity I would have had more responses - I guess they aren't used to individuals making a fuss.

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