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Friday, April 03, 2009


This is an unpublished letter sent to all national UK & Scottish papers & to many US newspapers - list appended at the end. Google News shows it has not been published. I think it demonstrates how wholly, completely & deliberately the MSM are willing to censor these atrocities & by extension, absolutely anything the government do not want us to know about.
Dear Editor,
It is not often that the first anniversary of the publication of a bureaucrat's biography deserves discussion, however this is one. A year ago Carla del Ponte, the Chief Prosecutor of the Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal published her biography. In it she confirmed having, 8 years previously, investigated reports from western journalists that NATO "police," formerly known as the KLA, had kidnapped & dissected, while still alive, at least 1,300 Serb teenagers & that the presumably 10s of thousands of body parts had been flown out of Tirana airports to western destinations. Her team had indeed found a building where 300 of these murders took place together with forensic evidence proving this atrocity. Then she stopped the investigation.

Since then there have been further investigations proving that such dissections were more extensive than thought & still going on. The EU even appointed a lawyer to look into the matter.

Over the last year we have seen leader writers & front page articles denouncing the Chinese government for their "heavy handed" breaking up of riots in Tibet in which less than 2 dozen died, most of them ethnic Chinese. We have seen headlines & denunciations of Russia's action which prevented a Georgian attempt to "ethnically cleanse" the entire South Ossetian population. We have seen massive reporting of the Israeli war against Hammas in which about 800 people died, overwhelmingly Hammas combatants.

How shameful that atrocities worse in numbers, infinitely worse in cruelty & forming only a part of the crimes carried out under NATO authority have gone virtually entirely unreported by British Press & broadcasters.

Neil Craig
Del Ponte's initial report investigation

PS Its OK I don't expect you to publish this. The only paper to publish even one previous letter on the subject was the Scotsman. The late Josef Goebbels managed a similar level, of censorship but then he could send journalists to concentration camps. How fortunate that today's journalists are sufficiently sensitive not to such threats to prevent them reporting.
List of US newspapers which are censoring this
San Francisco Chronicle
The Star
New York Times
LA Times
Wall St Journal
USA Today
Seattle Times
& all Scottish & UK national papers

If anybody sees this letter, even in severely edited form, published, or even if any of them report the basic facts in any way please send me a link & I will put it up here. If a single journalist, anywhere in any NATO country feels able to defend their record as being honest on this, or even explain why they are to some extent honest on any other subject I will be happy to see their comments.

Hi Neill!
How are the Irish papers doing on this issue? They need something to distract the folks from poverty and an emergency budget?
More power to your elbow! The Balkans have a stink all their own, don't they?
Thanks. The whole thing does indeed stink. I hope that it would be more difficult to lie to us to this extent again because of the widespread influence of the net. On the other hand so long as the media can still censor what happened then that is only a hope.

Haven't put it into any Irish papers. I may try that & some other English language countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Hong Kong. In general editors quite naturally prefer letters from people in their own catchment area so if you or anybody else wanted to use this letter as a template to send something with maybe a sentence changed to your local papers I would be very interested in the outcome.
Shalom Neil Craig,

wonderfully written letter.

Have you by chance seen this 5 Part German documentary on youtube exposing the lies of Clinton, NATO, German politicians and government officials?

"It Started With A Lie: Nato Aggression against Serbia 1999"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5
Thanks - I haven't but I will
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