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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Once again a minor kicking of Debra Storr the LibDem councillor who is complaining that being suspended by the LD group on Aberdeen Council has forced her to resign from the party. She was suspended for her eco-fascist & entirely illiberal opposing of letting Donald Trump invest £1 billion in Aberdeenshire which has understandably annoyed her consituents & made the party almost unelectable in the region.

The irony is that she was one of the party executive who decided to expel me (nothing as wishy washy as suspension) for wishing to discuss traditional economic liberalism like cutting taxes & Scotland having control over Corporation Tax which were officially decided to be "illiberal", "too right wing" to even discuss & "incompatible with party membership". Indeed she deliberately lied to say that the reason my attempt to get these discussed by Conference was not because the party leadership wanted to keep any consideration of liberalism off the agenda but because my motion had been "badly drafted". In fact the drafting had been done by her.

Obviously no party member who is in any way honest & who did not protest my expulsion can honourably complain about her quitting. A recent Scottish Roundup linked to those who had & I put up comments.

My Comments were censored by these Pseudo Liberals:

1 - Iain Dale (not the well known one)
2 - Caron somebody or other
3 - Derbra Storr (both her new & old blog)(though she did take a comment on another thread reassuring her that her washing machine was neither more nor less "green" than its conpetitors

but were uncensored by
4 - Callum5 - Bernard
6 - ruaraidh
7 - Stephen
8 - Neil not an uncommon Scots name

So congratulations - 63% of "Liberal Democrat" bloggers do not automatically censor commemts to prevent undisputed facts being seen. And 37% do.

Censored comments:

1) Somewhat hypocritical since both Debra & you unambiguously believe in expelling people for believing in traditional economic liberalism...

Or alternately Iain will you be censoring any adverse comment - again? Iain did so on a previous occasion
I note that on another thread Iain has complained about somebody not answering points raised.

Not being a total hypocrit, there must be some technical reason why he has not been able to answer the point raised above.
2) Since Debra voted for my expulsion on the grounds that I support traditional economic liberalism there is clearly some hypocrisy in her complaint that she hasn't even been expelled.
3) Since you not only supported my expulsion for being a traditional liberal it seems a little hypocritical to complain when you have not been expelled despite putting eco-fascist idealogy before your constituents & the party's interests.

As you deliberately lied by endorsing a document saying that a motion I put forward for conference had been rejected because it was "badly drafted" when it had in fact been drafted by you I suppose I should not be surprised when you complain that the party have "acted inappropriately". If it was approriate of the fascists running the party to treat a liberal of 37 years standing like that you have nothing to complain of.

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