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Thursday, March 26, 2009


On Jerry Pournelle's in response to discussion of whether "success" by Obama would mean for the USA "that when it's done we'll look a lot like Sweden rather than France."

I'd prefer France. They appreciate engineering (83% of their electricity is nuclear, they build bridges & trains which are both functional & beautiful); they have a GNP which is marginally less than Britain's but they do this on a 35 hour week, spending more time drinking coffee & less running bureaucracies than us; they have a cheerfully cynical appreciation of their own national interests; they blow up Greenpeace boats.

They are not the ideal I would aim at - that would be Singapore or Hong Kong - but they are definitely not the incompetently run surrender monkeys who so unwisely refused to join us in bringing peace & freedom to Iraq.

He also recently mentioned the Saint Andrews University debate on AGW which the alarmists lost. Monkton was one of the speakers. An alarmist speaker's comparison of sceptics to Mengele, which he refused to retract, did not go down well.
and also the next item.

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