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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


An engineering contract was signed last week towards building the Sanmen AP1000s. Real construction work should begin within one month on the nuclear power reactors.

That's how the Chinese do it.

Blair officially reversed his government's anti-nuclear policy in a speech to the CBI on 16th May 2006. Since a nuclear power station can, according to Westinghouse (formerly a subsidiary of BNFL until the anti-nuclear Labour government sold it off - now owned by Toshiba & a bidder to built new British reactors), be built in 3.5 years we could now have been within a few months of knowing we could keep the lights on.

Instead the ONLY real progress is that the French have bought our nuclear sites - a requirement simply because it is politically less brave to say that a new reactor be built on a site used for 40 years than on a new one rather than for any engineering purpose.

Meanwhile our surviving reactors are fewer & older & the 2015 EU emission rules which will close many of our coal powered generators is 3 years closer & China’s economy, built on electricity 1/3rd the cost of ours is over 30% bigger.

And the excess winter deaths because of fuel poverty over 3 years total 72,000. These deaths were unnecessary & entirely preventable a few years before they happened. Deaths from winter 2012 onwards, as well as the increase from blackouts, are also preventable. Deaths before that aren't. We have another 72,000 walking dead pensioners killed by our political masters. Maybe Stalin wasn't a bad guy - at least the people he killed mostly died trying to create a better future while our leaders are doing it to prevent one.

Anybody wanting to express an opinion on nuclear should know the facts not the deliberate lies the BBC feed us. I recommend Professor John McCarthy's FAQs

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