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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


There is a good, if quite long article here on the influence that Foundations run by the extremely rich have on promoting the "environmentalists" claims. It was written in 2004 in British Columbia & it may well be that on this side of the Altantic a much higher proportion of funding of eco-fascist lobying of government is paid for by government. Also in Britain the broadcast media is directly government owned. Nonetheless it gives an overview of exactly who is paying the piper of this particular tune. I won't put up the while thisg, which you can link to, but here are some snippets & the conclusion:

...there are currently over 1,000 commercial corporations affiliated with either the "World Business Council for Sustainable Development" or the "Business Environment Leadership Council"; including about 100 of the world's largest multinationals....Western Europe, since 1970, have established a myriad of state Environmental Ministries which, via their stringent imposition of regulatory green tape onto industry, have engendered a caste of professional environmentalists. These Eco-Ministries also quietly lavish funds upon environmental activist groups in sums comparable to the collective contributions of the major Green foundations...The major eco-foundations (Mellon, Ford, and Rockefeller) were promoting population control and land conservation decades before there was an EPA...While about a thousand independent incorporated foundations (also known as "trusts", "endowments" or "funds") give money to the North American environmental movement 90% of the cash comes from about forty huge, and uniquely environmentally focused, foundations... Rockefeller Foundation ( currently values its assets at $3.1 billion. They've been averaging about $175 million per year in grants to various causes over the last several years. They no longer list "population control" and "environment" as distinct programs. They now deploy vague program headings such as "Working Communities", "Global Inclusion", "Food Security" etc., but searching deeper one discovers many of the grants allocated under these program headings are going to the usual neo-Malthusian, eco-activist NGOs...the dynasty probably donates over $50 million per year to environmentalist/population control activity... MeArthur Foundation ...about $12 million to green groups, while $8 million was spent on population suppression... Turner Foundation ...$575 million between 1997 and 2002. The bulk of this money went to environmentalist groups, including many extremist ones, and to Ted's other favorite cause - population control...
Ford ..."Asset Building and Community Development" portfolio received $202 million dollars during the last year of record and probably somewhere near 80% of that fell into the coffers of the great green crusaders... (other foundations concluding) several thousand persons are bankrolling 98% of this social movement and even the bulk of these several thousand patrons are merely followers of the forty or so people who supervise the disbursement of over a billion dollars per year and who, by virtue of this, also indirectly ride herd over an equivalent amount of lesser donations...

No, down here we get to argue with kids with daisy-counting diplomas from community colleges in their hands and grant applications to the Ford Foundation in their hip pockets; and good luck trying to change the minds of people like this. If not for environmentalist suppression of economic activity North America would be experiencing a tremendous and sustained boom that would reduce unemployment to a smidgeon of its current rate. The responsibility for all of the under-employment, all of the want of opportunity, the lack of housing, the scarcity of public funds, the poverty, the hardship, hard times and heartache people are experiencing shall be layeth upon the well-guarded doorsteps of Big Green. We smolder, we seethe and we type on.

Also in Britain the broadcast media is directly government owned.

The same is true in Canada as well. There doesn't seem to be much difference between public and private ownership, considering how liberal the US media is.
I suspect the FCC would, coincidentally, find reasons to ban any company that seriously reported the Kosovo dissections.

Some years ago Britain's most innvovative TV channel lost its licence shortly after doing one programme proving that the SAS in Gibralter had killed some IRA terrorists in cold blood. I don't object to them doing so but I do object to the lies & censorship.

Ehen you consider how minor that is compared to cutting open thousands of innocent civilians you can see what pressure would be brought to bear.
A religious broadcaster here in the US (TBN) spent eight years fighting the FCC over a pair of station licenses. The founder and president of TBN, Paul Crouch, stated that if they had lost the two stations then it would have been the end of TBN. I didn't know this was happening until Crouch appeared on air, explained what was happening and stated he had been under a gag order from the FCC not to talk about the case on air. Crouch's wife began crying on air remembering the whole affair, but she does that alot.

Here is the link to Paul's letter explaining the whole affair. I haven't read the whole letter, my recollection of the whole affair is from memory.
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