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Thursday, March 05, 2009


Calls for an independent inquiry into the placement of a teenager who raped and abused the children of the family he went to live with have been made.

The 19-year-old admitted rape and sexual abuse at Cardiff Crown Court while on a placement scheme for adults run by Vale of Glamorgan council.

The family did not know he had a record of sexual behaviour with children.

But the "Social Work" Dept did. They knew perfectly well that this guy was likely to assault/rape children he was left with & they decided to help him. They could have sent him to couple without children, at the very least they could have warned them not to leave their own children alone with them (though I grant the parents would then most likely have refused to take the bastard(. We should not be talking about yet another enquiry designed to report long after the media have lost interest. We should be talking about everybody in line of command for making this decision arrested as accessories, before the fact to rape.

These creatures just don't care. Granted neither did the 18 year old but at least he isn't paid to do so.

I'd rather see Sir Fred Goodwin keep his pension that anybody in line of command in Vale of Glamorgan Council. In fact if the precedent of all the another abuse or fraudulent "satanic abuse" stories are followed their will be many promises it will never happen again & they call keep not only pensions but jobs.
And on the other case

The extent of the information which social work services and child-protection agencies held about both Cunningham and Boyd, and their care of Brandon, is expected to be the central focus of an independent inquiry into the tragedy, which is to be headed by Peter Wilson, the former chief constable of Fife Constabulary.

Brandon died at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee on 16 March last year after Cunningham struck him so hard he ruptured his intestines, leaving the boy to die in agony. Doctors identified at least 40 injuries on his body. Mr Baird has confirmed a case conference to discuss Brandon's welfare was due to take place on 18 March. One option could have been to remove the boy from his home.

...Cunningham, who moved in with Boyd 18 days before Brandon's death, was convicted of culpable homicide. He is due to be sentenced on 31 March.

Heather Boyd: "I was a good mum. I still am"

The mother of Brandon Muir last night insisted his death was not her fault.

Heather Boyd described herself as a "good mum" and said she would never have left her son with former boyfriend Robert Cunningham – who was convicted of killing the 23-month-old earlier this week – if she had known what he was like with children.

Brandon died from a ruptured intestine after being assaulted by Cunningham, 23, at the Dundee flat he shared with Miss Boyd. Cunningham was cleared of the child's murder, but a jury at the High Court in Glasgow found him guilty of the lesser charge of culpable homicide.

Miss Boyd, 23, was originally charged with her son's culpable homicide by failing to get him medical help, but was acquitted after the judge ruled there was no case to answer.

...A post-mortem examination on Brandon revealed up to 40 injuries including bruises, scratches and four fractured ribs. An investigation into the circumstances leading to his death had been commissioned by the Dundee Children and Young Persons Protection Committee.

Time & again they are being murdered by their mother's new boyfriend.

There are good evolutionary reasons for this - lions regularly kill the cubs of their mates for which they are the father because it increases the chance of the lioness conceiving & nurturing new cubs.

That is not how human beings behave since we have brains but clearly the thugs involved here are not motivated in any way by human intellect merely their basest urges.

The way to solve it is to end the theory that, whatever the circumstances, the mother should have custody. Allow the father or grandparents on either side to go to court & quickly get custody. Obama was brought up by his grandparents. Jack Nicholson was too - indeed he didn't know until adulthood that his older sister was his real mother. Neither grew up disfunctional.

The problem is that "social workers" need some kids to "care" for otherwise they would have to work for a living, so they insist on keeping the kids in danger

That is not how human beings behave...

Yes it is, without morality we are animals with large brains.

2. Have you considered starting a Scottish commentary site where you could get Scotts to write about politics in your country? It would be a good alternative to the national papers and the BBC and would give the average Scott a place to go weekly or daily for right wing analysis about their home country?

3. Could you provide a link to the story instead of highlighting the whole text?
But we are the animals who invented morality. Beyond loyalty to blood relatives no animal has done that though ants have pretty big families.

2) Hard enough persuading myself sometimes.

3) The highlight is the link - click on it. I use this method of highlighting when quoting from a source since I think it separates quotes out from my comments. Normally highlighted bits are in black. Basically anything in red is a link.
2) Hard enough persuading myself sometimes.

I don't get your response. Is it hard enough to keep going? Please elucidate.
I just mean that sometimes sitting here explaining to the world how to save itself & seeing it not noticing can get pretty tirong. The idea of riding herd to get lots of others to do the same doesn't seem easier.

In the other hand if somebody does have an article I would broadly agree with & says something original that they can't get published then I would certainly consider putting it up here. Indeed I did do so a couple of times with Peter North's articles on Yugoslavia.
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