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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A letter today from me in the Scotsman. Quite surprised at this since I have sent in quite a few lately & this is very far from being the most important.
Clark Cross (Letters, 17 February) calls for all participants in the debate on alleged catastrophic global warming to declare financial interests. I run a science fiction bookshop that receives no cash from any political source.
It has been regularly commented on that a remarkably high proportion of those scientists willing to put their sceptical heads above the parapet over warming are emeritus professors – thus not depending on approval or grants in any way.

A couple of years ago, the head of the Natural Environment Research Council (Nerc), the government's grant- giving body, publicly challenged sceptics to a public or online debate on warming, and though he ceased responding when his challenge was accepted by a number of sceptics and the debate never took place, it must be difficult for any scientist seeking funding to believe the £370 million Nerc dispenses will go equally easily to sceptics as to alarmists.

I have previously mentioned Alan Thorpe of NERC's call, published in the Guardian, for a debate & his subsequent disappearance.

Interestingly the online comments were, with the exception of one demanding sceptics prove a negative, uniformly sceptical. There are some very nice ones commenting on the accompanying letter which praises Vicky Pope of the Met Office for saying alarmists shouldn't got OTT. They provide a long list of previous comments of Ms Pope going OTT on the subject. It is clear that the warming lie has been overwhelmingly publicly rumbled & the perpetrators are jostling each other to get to the door.

If you look at this one of the last men to walk on the moon claims that the global warming scam is a plot to control the lives and incomes of Americans.

The astronaut in the article also has two degrees from respectable institutions that he got before working for NASA, so they were not honorary degrees.
Here is one more climate skeptic, the founder of the US Weather Channel.
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