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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Iain Dale put this up this picture 10 days ago so it is hardly news except in the MSM. What can be quite clearly seen here & was dissected by Liberal Conspiracy is that it is clearly a fake. The white around the signature, particularly the early part of the signature shows it has been lifted from a different, white, piece of paper & added to the Houses of Parliament manuscript paper the adulatory bit is written on. It is thus an obvious forgery. Ms Butler MP has changed the story a bit since she started it & the official line is now that he signed it at a 10 minute meeting she wangled in downing St with him. Her people & his people agreed the wording in advance & then her people wrote it for him to sign. Exactly how stupid would that make him to agree to sign a paper saying that he had met her & he had met her & that she was both bright & intelligent! No lawyer he to sign such stuff before in advance.

In my naivete I thought that this that this piece of stupid fraud would get picked up by the MSM. Even though no fivers changed hands we are, after all talking about as open, obvious & blatant a fraud as any MP could engage in. That her party would have to, at the very least, discipline her & probably disown her. My comment on Iain's blog was
I assume Obama's office has been emailed about this. After all if there were any truth to it it would make Obama look like a complete idiot. I think he is going to have to say something about even if it is "Mr Obama has no recollection of the incident".

I found Unity's review convincing:

The signature was originally written on a white piece of paper & electronically added to the rest of the letter, which Dawn now admits writing.

I'm not sure whether to be more appalled by the complete dishonesty or complete stupidity.
I also emailed Obama's office for such a something. But no - not a chirp from Obama, from her party & barely one from the media - with the exception of this extremely chirpy piece from the BBC "Labour MP gets Barack's backing" which treats it as unquestionably genuine. Exactly who do you have to kill to be unfit to be a Labour MP? The only thing we can conclude from this is that there is absolutely no sort of obvious lie that is beneath that party, that Obama has relatively little self respect & that our media can be relied on not to report anything embarrassing.

Frankly, so what?
This makes me even more embarrassed of my country.

The more the media worships the Obamanation the more they seem like the Soviet media, despite the state not even owning them! Normally such uniformity in a free economy requires the power of the state to enforce, leading me to believe that either we are not living in a free economy or the state is involved behind the scenes.
I am surprised that nobody at a Whjite Hose press confernce has asked this. It is obvious that Obama didn't do it but even so. Certainly his coverage by the media has been orders of magnitude less "investigative" than for any other presidential candidate (& Palin's an order of magnitude moreso). I don't think he would have been elected had that not been so.

All the most sucessful conspiracies don't really have conspirators, or a name, it is just that everybody involved knows what is going on. The Cosa Nostra "our thing" & the Bilderberg Group (latterly named after the hotel they first met in) show they initially appreciated the strenght of being nameless.
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