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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have sent several more letters to the Herald, Scotsman & other Scottish papers over the Gaza war without them being published. It may be that my mention of the killings & enslavement in Kosovo, a subject which our media censors, rather than pure anti-Semitism is the reason though I note that the Herald has run no letters criticising former Labour Councillor's disgraceful letter inciting pogroms against Jews, while publishing another from him. There is certainly considerable media bias in the reporting.

Letter to the Scotsman 7th Jan
Among the various solutions to the Gaza problem presented in your columns that of John Douglas (letter Monday) is perhaps the most ethical. He proposes we resettle them in the Highlands. All others rely on the Israelis sacrificing themselves for our peace of mind (or perhaps oil security). Personally i think there is not the slightest chance that any party proposing this could be elected here, any more than any Israeli one which proposed opening their borders to 1.5 million Hamas voters could.

Nor is there any need to. In 1948, as Gaza was being created, 2 million Chinese refugees fleeing from Mao arrived in Hong Kong - a territory equally lacking in resources & even more densely populated. Gazans received lavish "aid" to remain as refugees, distributed by an ever expanding UN bureaucracy, which gave the greatest rewards to the most well armed, whinging & kleptocratic. Hong Kong got a rough rule of law, minimal taxation, less regulation & full economic freedom.

It was enough. It is not resources that create wealth but individual ingenuity set free. Hong Kong came to be one of the richest countries in the world, not only exceeding Gaza but exceeding Britain & matching the US & Ireland. With a free non-parasitic government Gaza could do the same. So could we.
I'm sorry they chose not to use this since it links to my freemarketism. It also puts me in a minority of 1 of those proposing an actual solution to the Gaza problem. Albeit it doesn't give the Gazans their ancestral land back it would give them a prosperous future. Of course it would only appeal to those who want to end what is probably the biggest national dependency culture in the world & the problem is that those world organisations running the "aid" system are more dependent on it than anybody. I may write in some more detail on this in future.

To the Herald 6th Jan
I note the Herald has yet another letter from Bashir Maan today (Tues) following his previous one on Friday inciting "reviving & spreading anti-Semitism in the world". This indeed, as he said "bodes ill for Jews all over the world". Even more ill is that the Herald, having decided to publish this disgraceful threat, decided not to publish any letter disagreeing that pogroms in Britain were the way to go.
To the Scotsman 8th Jan & subsequently the rest of the Scottish papers
We are seeing numerous politicians, members of the political establishment and a vast amount of media coverage attacking Israel for killing civilians in bombing primarily aimed at a Hamas which has been firing rockets at civilians for 8 years.

On the other hand may I point to the remarkable failure of the British media to report on the massacres in Kosovo, such as Dragodan where at least 210 unarmed civilians were murdered in cold blood a few hundred yards from the British HQ; the bombing campaign in which 80% of those we killed were civilians; the ethnic cleansing of 350,000 people: the kidnapping of thousands, probably 10s of thousands of schoolgirls to sell to western brothels; and the kidnapping of thousands of Serbs to dissect, while alive, so that their body organs be sold to our hospitals. All of these are a matter of public record, carried out by "our" police (formerly the NATO armed KLA), an organisation whose connections to the Skanderbeg division of the SS is also a matter of record. They were carried out with the enthusiastic support of most of the self same politicians who now condemn Jews for far lesser actions in self defence.

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