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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The BBC reports
Many parents in Britain are paying in excess of £8,000 a year for a full-time nursery place, a survey suggests.

The Daycare Trust found the yearly cost of a typical nursery place for a child under two was £8,684 in England, £8,216 in Scotland and £7,592 in Wales.

...It comes as the government has published a review of childcare in England, in an attempt to make the system more flexible and affordable and to ensure standards remained high.

.....Daycare Trust joint chief executive Emma Knights said: "Yet again the cost of nursery places has increased above inflation, making pre-school education a big drain on family budgets at a time of financial uncertainty.

"It is crucial that parents claim all the help they are entitled to, and that the government increase the free childcare entitlement to include all two-years-olds.

"The current review of tax credits should increase the maximum proportion of childcare costs the poorest parents can claim from 80% to 100%."
I will leave the reason why this faster than inflation rise is happening for a day or two to give various papers a chance to publish my letter on the subject.

The other side of this story is the incestuous media manipulation going on.

The BBC describe the Daycare Trust as a charity, which is legally the truth but not the whole truth. Via Mark Wadsworth we find that of the £1.1 million they get in they get £57,000 from 2 Nuffield Trusts & the rest is £612,000 donations from government agencies; £186,000 from consultancy which I am willing to bet is virtually all government money; £9,000 for training, presumably training government employees; £67,000 for giving advice, to government employees, which apparently is not the same as consultancy; £37,000 for running conferences attended by - well I'd have to guess but could it be government employees; & £53,000 from sponsorship. part of which looks like Bovis sponsoring them rather than cut conference fees, that is a tax break & the rest from the usual suspects.

All in their accounts mainly page 13

QUANGO - Quasi-autonomous non-governmental agency. The Daycare trust is about as autonomous as a left sock. Nor does it appear any of its actions involve anybody actually meeting a child. One of their functions listed is a Childcare Week Party in the Park but I am cynical enough to suspect this was a party involving the great & genocidal rather than a party for kids.

What we see is a report from a government controlled advertising organisation masquerading as a charity getting advertising airtime from the BBC, a government controlled propaganda organisation masquerading as a "news" broadcaster, though their press release went out from the press association & was reported in the Guardian, the Telegraph & Nursery World (the Guardian is also effectively a quango since, like all newspapers, it survives more on adverts than purchases & unlike the rest it can easily be seen that its advertising is not by ASDA but government job adverts).

This morning the radio phone in was on this "story" which most of the real MSM have ignored. Surprisingly the BBC commentator actually asked why these costs were going up but nobody phoned in to answer. Actually I did but nobody was in - or at least answering their phone. The BBC identify callers numbers & thus names & know what we have said previously! The general consensus, as BBC consensii are, was that more government money should be spent on subsidising childcare, with a bit more regulation to stop nurseries profit gouging.

I even have a little Yes Ministerish sympathy for Ministers who often benefit from government advertising but in this case look like they are being bounced by the bureaucracy.
Children's Minister Beverley Hughes said the survey was based on parents requiring 50 hours of childcare all year round for under-fives, which was "more than most parents take up or want".
which is a point which quite obviously negates the entire "research" & suggests that in this case the Minister (or at least this Minister) was not in on it.

We have seen the same phenomenon in the eco-fascist movement (Friends of the Earth, Europe being almost wholly funded by the EU & members & being appointed as preferred advisor on whether the EU bureaucracy should get bigger) & in the government financing of ASH & the "consultation" on the smoking ban. This is known in advertising circles as astroturfing since it simulates grassroots action. It may be there are some real people in the various fascist (eco-, health, bombing foreigner-, socialist-, movements (though even the Labour party, once a genuine mass party seems to have few party workers who aren't councillors or paid in some way by them). However the default position should be that any body calling for bigger government & more regulation should be assumed to be paid by the government until they prove otherwise - they usually are.

The reason a mother leaves her child in daycare is because she needs the time to work.

Why does a mother have to work? Because the father's income is not usually enough to support a family living modestly.

Why is a man's income insufficient to support his wife and kids? Because 40% of his income is stolen from him through direct taxes.

Why does the father pay 40% of his income in taxes? Because many mothers need someone to watch their children so that they can work!
But it does provide gainful employment to tax collectors & those handing it back.
Also, forcing the mother to work prevents her from homeschooling the children, thereby making the family use the public education system. A mother educating her two or three young children will know them personally and know how fast they can handle the material. Also three children is a lot smaller than any class size proposed by our benevolent politicians, making homeschooling the most effective teaching method of all.

I was told second hand by my mother of a study done by a church that showed that most people who dedicate themselves to Christ do so by the age of 14, which confirms what I believe, that most political opinions are formed by junior high. The statists know that if they have children during the ages of 6-14 they can teach them that the state is the answer to everything.

The income tax is the key to your enslavement to the state, and it helps perpetuate it into the next generation.
Yes. I can see that the point where one mother choosing to look after her own kids & mind 3 or 4 other families, whose mothers, in the same street, prefer to work, crosses over with homeshcooling & provides both services at a far lower cost than the state can manage either. It is at such boundaries that new ways of doing things are developed & where bureaucratic jobsworths dare not go.

Loyola said that if given a child by 7 he could mould him. On the other hand the USSR tried it & even Putin is denouncing state socialism.
I didn't mean for the mother to mind other people's children, just her own. 3 children is a very small class.

Since you brought up Loyola I'm gong to send you a few links from the website of my local diocese privately by email, since I don't want to clutter u your comments page with my opinions on the Church.
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