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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


From Mark Wadsworth's blog
Various studies by the Institute for International Economics in the 1980s and 1990s* found that two to three jobs are lost for every job saved whenever the government institutes a protectionist policy
He goes on to say he will, in due course, dig out the relevant studies which means I can lie back.

So next time Gordo announces in the supreme governing body, the Andrew Marr Show (& subsequently in Parliament) that he is "creating 100,000 new jobs" as he did on Sunday, Andrew will be able to say "Oh so you are destroying 250,000 jobs then" (or to be fair a net destruction of 150,000 jobs).

We will also be able to rely on the BBC "News" saying that he is destroying rather than repeating the official mantra that he is, somehow, creating them. After all the BBC has an impartial news broadcaster - not merely an instrument of statist propaganda aren't they?

Ta for link.

I've trawled their website and it might be this book.

I've sent them an email anyway and will revert.
"So next time Gordo announces in the supreme governing body"

Some mistake surely? The supreme governing body would be the EU.
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