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Saturday, December 06, 2008


A shortened letter in the Scotsman yesterday. This was a response to a letter from Patrick Harvie, Green Party leader, claiming that his party is against fuel poverty & wishes to achieve this by more windmills. This is quite clearly so wholly dishonest that every single member of the Green Party who is in any way honest had to right in dissociating themselves from this lie. Every single one did - a total of zero.

[The letter from Patrick Harvie of the Green Party saying his party is not in any way responsible for increased fuel poverty is at variance with the facts. Firstly he claims that his party wants to spend £200 million on insulation. This would only be a useful contribution if his party were willing to say that they intended to raise this mony by raising Scottish income tax by 1p or some similar method. If this is official Green policy we should be told. If it isn't official policy but the inevitable result of their policies they should accept responsibility. In any case £200 million will barely buy 1 hours insulation fitting time for each of us. He cannot honestly say this will reverse the effects of recent price increases.

Secondly] Mr Harvie says that to cut prices we must go from oil & coal to "renewables". Previous discussion in these columns has proven that nuclear power at 1/3rd of the cost of oil is 1/10th that of windmill electricity. Is Mr Harvie so ignorant of the prime policy his party stands for as to be unaware of this?
{Of course this whole campaign is based on the claim that we are currently suffering from catastrophic global warming. As the leader of the only party to stand in the last election expressing scepticism on that question & calling for a 3p cut in income tax paid for by ending windmill subsidies (& ignored by the entire media) may I point out that the fall in global temperature over the last decade is such that it is now back to where it was when James Hansen started the scare by promising a 1 C rise by today.]

As you can see they only used the middle paragraph. Oh well. Rather sorry they didn't allow me to say I was a party leader like Harvie.

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