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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Iain Dale had asked for nominations - a few of mine actually made the list buy most didn't.

Politician of the Year - Radovan Karadzic
Minister of the Year- Jim Mather (Hollyrood)
Worst Minister of the Year - Alastair Darling
Conservative MP of the Year (non front bench) - John Redwood
Labour MP of the Year (non Minister) - Frank Field
LibDem MP of the Year - John Thurso (because he refused to serve on an anti-nuclear agenda)
Minority Party MP of the Year- George Galloway
Print Journalist of the Year - Jeremy Clarkson
Campaigner of the Year - Sarah Palin
Speech of the Year - "Starting in January, in a McCain-Palin administration, we’re going to lay more pipelines, build more nuclear plants … "Sarah Palin
Pressure Group of the Year - SONE (pro-nuclear)
Peer of the Year - Lord Lawson (anti-global warming)
Humorist of the Year - John Bird & John Fortune
International Politician of the Year - Vaclav Klaus
Gaffe of the Year - Alastair Darling saying the economy was the worst since the Depression before it was
Moment of the Year - when most of the Georgian army got bogged down in Tiskhinvali facing 300 Ossetian soldiers rather than closing of the tunnel the Russians were about to come through Hate Figure of the Year - Radovan Karadzic
Sexiest Female Politician of the Year - Sarah Palin
Scottish Politician of the Year - Alex Salmond

There was no option for "Neil Craig" for one of the blog of the year categories! By the way, I've visited your blog quite a bit(though this my first time posting), by way of Byzantine Sacred Blog (de-construct) and Neil Clark's page, and I really enjoy it.
Thanks Pierre. I read both of them regularly too. Doesn't look likely that I will get on a most popular list but Mark Wadsworth did nominate me for the planning ministry in his fantasy cabinet.
Thank u r information
i like your blog ....
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