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Thursday, November 20, 2008


The only good thing about the release of the BNP membership list is that the party accepts that it was done by disgruntled activists rather than state or media action.

Last night on C4 Nick Griffin was interviewed by a presenter who suggested that it would be proper to fire teachers for membership because their job was politically sensitive & that it would be impossible for a BNP member to remain impartial.

Then he said that the BNP wasn't a "decent" party. Presumably being a TV journalist is not as politically sensitive as being a teacher then? I have yet to see any journalist interviewing a Labour Minister accuse their party of being indecent or even of being guilty of war crimes, massacres, genocide, child sex slavery & dissecting living people to steal their body parts which is less subjective & much less deniable than simply not being decent.

Either that or being biased in favour of particular parties & censoring any reporting of their atrocities is not merely compatible with TV journalism (& other journalism) but an essential component.

The wide array of jobs held by BNP supporters – exposed in a leaked internal document – brought demands last night for a ban on BNP membership in public sector professions.

The disclosure of the membership list, containing 12,000 names, phone numbers and addresses, prompted an investigation into the activities of a Merseyside police officer and a presenter's departure from a talk radio station. Several people named on the list denied ever having been members of the far-right organisation and called police after receiving death threats....

The list contained the names of 15 teachers, four nurses, 16 members of the armed forces, civil servants, a police officer and even a member of the Royal household.

Merseyside Police said it was investigating PC Steve Bettley for "an alleged association with the party"....

Membership of the BNP is forbidden under the contract that police and prison officers sign but supporters are allowed to take other public sector posts if they do not discuss their views.

Doctors, nurses and teachers are permitted to join the party provided that their views do not interfere with their professional conduct. But under new legislation, trade unions could win the right to expel members of the BNP if their opinions are judged to be incompatible with those of the union.

Chris Keates, the general secretary of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women teachers, said: "Those who declare their affiliation to the BNP should not be allowed to work in the teaching profession or in public services."

Limiting of political freedom only a little bit is like being only a little bit pregnant.

Today, TalkSport radio said it would 'no longer use' DJ Lucas, a Sony Award winner who once worked for Radio One, who had covered late-night shifts for the station.

Bastards. I hope he sues, I hope TalkSport, which has presented itself as paler version of American Talk Radio never again claims to provide an independent voice & I hope people who bought products advertised there write to the advertisers & say they won't do so in future (this being the only thing that frightens the media (well not the BBC obviously).

'In the past, Nick Griffin has defended the threat of violence in furthering the party's aims. After the BNP won its first council seat in 1993, he wrote: "The electors of Millwall did not back a postmodernist rightist party, but what they perceived to be a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan 'Defend Rights for Whites' with well-directed boots and fists. When the crunch comes, power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate." In 1997, believing he was addressing members of the French Front National, he said: It is more important to control the streets of a city than its council chambers."[179] In January 1986, when Griffin was Deputy Chair of the NF, he advised his audience at an anti-IRA rally to use the "traditional British methods of the brick, the boot and the fist."[180]'

The BNP is a party of racist, fascist thugs. They have no tolerance for others and deserve no tolerance in return. I am sad to see you supporting such people.
I am not supporting them I am supporting their right to equal treatment under the law - as any true liberal must.

In any case what you quote is not 1000th as evil as the war crimes, genocide, child sexual enslvement & kidnapping & dissection of living human beings to obtain organs which all the Labour, Conservative & "Liberal" Democrat parties are complicit in. They did not ethnicly cleanse Kosovo by "rational debate" but by force & were perfectly satisfied to do so. I would nonetheless also defend their right to speak freely & indeed to a fair trial.
I am not at all sure that any true liberal has to defend the BNP's right to equal rights under the law. The BNPs whole raison d'etre is to deny equal rights to groups of British citizens on ethnic grounds and that is not at all supportable.

Perhaps you would also like to dissociate yourself from the BNP's racism in less equivocal terms.
If so you do not understand what liberalism is.

My record is clear on here. Your call for "dissociation" is an old McCarthyite tactic & not one I feel an urge to respond to from somebody who attempts to hide everything about himself.
'My record is clear on here.'

No it is not. Over the years you have written a number of articles on the BNP. Whilst they have dealt with the issue of fee speech, you have written in terms which appear to praise Nick Griffin personally and imply that the BNP's policies are acceptable.

The free speech argument is a perfectly legitimate one. That is not what I am addressing here. I am simply asking you to clear up your own position by explicitly dissociating yourself from the BNP's views on race. That is something you seem unwilling to do.
Nope. Since I owe no loyalty to the BNP it is purely a McCarthyite guilt by association ploy to say that. My guess is you would not be prepared to denounce the LD, Labour & Conservative parties for their committment to war crimes, genocide, child sex slavery & dissecting people?
If I was a McCartyite I would not be inviting you to clarify your position, I would already be denouncing you as a racist.

The rest of your last comment is, of course, a confection of your own manufacture to which no sane person could subscibe.
So you decline to dissociate yourself from the war crimes, genocide, child sex slavery of your pro-Nazi war criminal leaders (& more seriously denying that any of these things have happened in Kosovo). By your own lights that makes you prima faci a Nazi & hence someone you would not wish me to associate with Norman.
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