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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The book mentioning this published last March.

The Guardian have done a report of sorts on the dissection of living human beings by our NATO police as the KLA had been redesignated at the time.

The Guardian do their best to downplay the facts & to spin it emotionally on the side of the dissectors hence::

Seven members of the Katuci family sat silently in their living room, hands on knees, as rain tapped at the window. They had been asked if they hosted one of the most macabre war crimes of the 1999 Kosovo war. And they did not want to talk.

....' We are poor people - how could we kill hundreds of soldiers in this house?"

and make the investigators look unattractive

The spotlight will soon fall on the house again when a fleet of 4x4 vehicles ...

The Guardian claims to have found a "lost" report but in fact it says nothing not already made public (or rather put on the record but kept from us public)

Their further reports downplay it again

...the alleged harvesting of organs from Serbian soldiers by ethnic Albanians is one of the most gruesome. Hundreds of Serbian families have for a decade been demanding what happened to those who disappeared during and after the war. In April, Carla Del Ponte the former UN war crimes prosecutor, gave greater credence to suggestions of a macabre operation, in which as many as 300 Serbs were allegedly abducted and transported to Albania to have their organs removed. In a memoir, she wrote: "Victims deprived of only their first kidney were sewn up and confined again inside the shack until they were killed for their vital organs."

It was not soldiers it was local teenage civilians. 300 is only the number in this one incident in this house. the occupiers have listed 1,300 people missing (& earlier Serb sources listed over 3,000) all of whom they say should be considered dead in this manner.

The Guardian, with its enthusiasm for supporting Nazism & genocide demonstrated by these monsters over so many years, also censors any mention of the fact that these organs had been taken to Tirana airport & flown out on commercial aircraft to countries & hospitals across Europe. Any mention of that would, of course, not only make the complicity of most NATO governments at all levels in this genocide obvious but also that it would be a relatively easy task to trace the recipients of these organs & the money trail - if that were desired.

Though the paper did add to the original story with

Marty's investigation could gain additional impetus from the recent discovery of an illegal organ transplant clinic in neighbouring Kosovo. Police there raided a clinic in the suburbs of Pristina three weeks ago, arresting two doctors and the country's acting permanent secretary at the ministry of health, Ilir Rexhaj

It would be extremely cynical of me to suggest that because the Georgian war upset NATO's calculations they are now somewhat keener on a real settlement in Kosovo & that that alone is why governments & tame media are backing off from our Nazi employees & even willing to embarrass Mr Rexha with atrocities they could presumably have arrested him for at any time in the last 9 years had they wished.

I am still censored from the Guardian's comments section.

I got this through Ewan Watt's site where I have commented.

The new thing here is not anything in the Guardian report but that it is being reported. I can also confirm that our entire newspaper corps have refused to publish letters mentioning this.

Del Ponte put this in her autobiography in March this year & it refers to an "investigation" made 7 years before that based on allegations the ICTY had received from "responsible journalists" (ie western ones) who have thus known & censored this for all that time.

Evidence has since emerged that the Albanian underworld had been dissecting the retarded, "worn out" prostitutes & babies for years so we must assume that the intelligence services & their friends like Ashdown, so active in Albania in recruiting these people into a "Liberation Army" were perfectly well aware of & supportive of this all the time.


This vivisection of thousands of live human beings (Kosovo Serbs) is only the tip of the iceberg.

Watch this video on youtube before it gets taken down in order to placate the immensely wealthy (mainly from drug money and arms dealing)Albanian lobby here in the US

In this TV broadcast Alexandre del Valle talks about the racist lies against the Serbs and the Greater Albanian KLA narcotic-terrorist state in a panel discussion about Kosovo province on French TV

I also found this article which explains how ruthless and brutal the Albanian mafia is - quoting heads of police forces from numerous European countries where the Albanian mafia are active in human trafficking, forced prostitution of underage schoolgirls (sex slavery) and drug trafficking.

The Albanian mafia is completely intertwined with the KLA terrorist leadership making it extremely dangerous which helps explain why it has been able to push out other more trafitional mafia groups like the Sicilians.

At the heart of the Balkan chaos: the Albanian mafia, by Xavier Raufer, a leading French criminologist mentioned by Alexandre del Valle in a discussion about Kosovo province on French TV
I left a comprehensive comment here yesterday about the Albanian KLA-Mafia connection.

Did you receive it?
Serbian lies, as usual. And you are sick bastard promoting those lies.
I'm sorry concerned there is no trace of it. Git is from the Guardian Peter so it must be true.
To Neil Craig,

The second comment by someone claiming to be "Robert Peter North" is a hoax. I am now in regular contact with Mr.North and I can assure you he has not changed his mind about the subject.

Comment #2 was probably posted by "Daniel" (alias "Daniel Lam" from Quebec, Canada) or one of his fellow travellers parroting the "8,000 muslim men and 'boys'" allegedly shot in Srebrenica hoax.

How do I know this for certain, you may ask?

Well, "Daniel" has visited Felix Quigley's blog "" (of which I am a regular contributor) on numerous occasions calling himself "Rupert Janeston" (among many other different internet aliases) accusing us of the ludicrous epithet referred to by him as "Srebrenica (muslim) genocide denial".

This "Daniel Lam" character runs the pro-Naser Oric, pro-Izetbegovic muslim nazi sites labelled variously "Srebrenica Genocide blog" on Google's "blogspot", the "Srebrenica Mass Graves" blog on "WordPress", the "Genocide In Bosnia" blog on Google's "blogspot" and the "srebrenicagenocide7111995" blog also on WordPress (among numerous others he has set up all across the internet)

As you can see, Daniel Lam is not only clinically insane (he now claims 10,000 muslims killed in Srebrenica instead of 8,000 - of course without a shred of supporting evidence) but he is also somewhat dyslexic as he cannot even get his nemesis' name right.

Compare our articles below (largely based on the 2002 Dutch "Netherlands Institute For War Documentation" Report which led to the entire Dutch Government resigning in April of that year)

with this insanity by "Daniel"
Thanks i thought it was Peter being ironic about an something which even the MSM now, very quietly, accept & I answered it in that way. However I have heard of Lam before & that does seem more likely.

Regretably you don't have to be clinically insane to claim that any improable figure for srebrenica you only have to be evil as most of our politicians prove. Perhaps he will get his own BBC TV show. Perhaps that is what he is angling for.
"I'm sorry concerned there is no trace of it"

Mr. Craig, unfortunately, my comments here on "A Place To Stand' (just as they do elsewhere on on other blogs) keep getting irretrievably "lost" by 'Blogger' (controlled by the corporate internet giant 'Google', as pointed out by Tanzer above)

I also found something quite disturbing today on Wikipedia supposedly written by 'Neil Craig'

I cannot believe that the real Neil Craig from Scotland would have written such crap as this:

"Some even independently participated in the attacks, often looting and destroying Bosniak homes"

And the following unbelievably dishonest trash - mixing truths with half truths and outright lies; in other words, classic CIA-type media manipilation and disinformation:

"Orić used this to his advantage, setting out on numerous night time revenge raids against outlying Serbian villages, including that of Kravica, notoriously raided on January 7th, Orthodox Christmas. These attacks were often followed by a wave of desperate hungry Bosniak civilians, many of whom had been cleansed from their own communities, looting and burning homes and exacting vengeance on the Serbs they caught.

"It is disputed how many were brutally killed and injured in these events, with Serb estimates claiming around 2000 casualties although the killings Oric has personally boasted of murdering could conceivably be only in the hundreds."

It goes on with several more paragraphs of even more misleading nonsense. I thought I was reading a copy of the New York Times circa late 1995.

Perhaps this is a rhetorical question Mr. Craig, but please tell me you did not write the above rubbish on Wikipedia?

If you did not, then you should let Wikipedia know immediately that you don't appreciate their 'moderators' - or other Wikipedia users - engaging in deliberate fraud by impersonating you: editing your original posted material with bogus information written by somebody else entirely.

You should also put a detailed post on your blog here objecting to this blatant fraud practised by Wikipedia.

If you did write it, please explain why your position here on this blog overwhelmingly contradicts the above taken from your Wikipedia "user page"?
Here is the address
Thank you - as you guessed I didn't & was unaware of it, not having participated in Wikipedia for some years since I found that anything I added got edited out. Some of this seems to come from an article on the Srebrenica Massacre which I attempted to edit some years ago but they are not my words.

I have added the undernoted criticism on the site.
I do not hold out great hopes that it will not be removed & the fakery reinstated.

I was not aware that you had not written on Wikipedia for so long.

Thank you for setting the record straight so quickly and efficiently, Mr. Craig (if only our US and UK govt leaders could be so brave and honest to do the right thing).

I have read enough of your marvellous, educational, highly informative blog over the last six months (and enough about Wikipedia's lies on the ex-Yugoslavia wars) that I instinctively 'knew' - call it a 'gut feeling' if you will - that you could not have written such dishonest garbage (reminiscent of our star media whores her in the US like Marlise Simons of the New York Times).

I guess you could take this as another rhetorical question, but I take it that your obvious integrity, ethics and highly principled position as evidenced on your blog on such diverse subjects as the global warming scam and dissection of living human beings by our Nazi KLA NATO allies - would cause you to refuse to take a job at a major newspaper like the New York Times and write dishonestly even if you were offered a very handsome salary to turn to the 'dark side' promoting government propaganda?

: )
Fortunately no such temptation has been placed in my way & I get the impression I may be going the wrong way about getting it.

I don't think personal money would tempt me that much but I suspect I could be bought by any government willing to put £10 billion into an X-Prize foundation.
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