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Monday, September 01, 2008


ITN are doing a running feature about a guy who is canoeing to the North Pole to "raise awareness" about how all the arctic sea ice is melting.

This year, he plans to paddle waters that are expected to be open for the first time in recorded history in another effort to warn the world of how quickly the Arctic is melting.

On Saturday they referred to his specific intention of going to the pole which would be ice free. Yesterday they just said he would be going as far north as possible.

Now why would that be? Could it be because

It’s looking like the ice at the North Pole won’t melt to water next month, as had been feared. It would have been the first time in thousands of years that the most northerly place on the planet would have been ice-free.

“It’s quite unlikely at this point,” Walt Meier a research scientist at the University of Colorado’s National Snow and Ice Data Center, said today.

Since this is the same guy who went swimming at the north pole last year for the same purpose of "raising awareness" it will be interesting to see how ITN manage to continue reporting this story without allowing its viewers to become aware that instead of melting the ice is actually considerably greater than last year & so, unless he gets out & wlks, he isn't going to make his target.

Of course if ITN merely reported the facts Ofcom would rap them over the knuckles for not enforcing the "consensus" view. Consensus being a code word for whatever the government want us to hear.

They stopped reporting after a few days & have put up this very short comment about him swimming "at" the north pole. From the accompanying photo it is clear he was swimming in a relatively small hole rather than the sort of open water all the way he promised to conoe through.
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