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Monday, September 08, 2008


David Lindsay produces a listing of ex-Bliar apparatchiks who are now equally powerful runners-of-things for Cameron. Matthew Taylor, Julian le Grand, Ken Anderson, Geoff Mulgan & says:
There will be more. Many, many, many more.

It is inconceivable that any of these people either would have been approached or would have accepted without the permission of Blair and those behind him: Mandelson, Campbell, and all that crowd of old Communists, Trotskyists and fellow-travellers; the European Commission, of which Mandelson is now a member; Murdoch, who now employs Campbell; and the old Trots at the American Enterprise Institute and the Project for the New American.

Whether in intent or in effect, there is absolutely no difference whatever between what we now have and the physical rigging of elections by such means as the stuffing of ballot boxes.

He is largely right though it is conceivable (but not likely) that Cameron will turn out to have real opinions of his own. This is precisely the sort of analysis that can only appear on the net because no newspaper or broadcaster could say it or would wish to if they could.

I remember that Cameron's campaign for leader took off when Newsnight ran a focus group on the runners for Tory leader & he got glowing opinions. I didn't spot it at the time but there are non-fraudulent ways of running these things to get the desired result. We are told that to become a leading politician today one has to be not only good on TV but good at getting on TV. It ain't what you know its who you know. Cameron's only real job was as a TV executive.

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