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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I should have put this link up some time ago. It shows that the dissecting of people fro their organs was being carried out by the gangsters we hired as "Kosovo freedom fighter" in Albania long before we hired them. From the article:

"Albania has long been known as a hot spot in the illicit trade of human organs, and the missing Serb prisoners are likely just the tip of the iceberg in a much larger scandal that could involve the murder of thousands by ethnic Albanian organ traffickers.

Italian police first became aware of illegal organ trafficking from Albania in 1997 when a young Albanian boy was found with a large scar in the renal area of his back...

Reports published in Italian newspaper Il Giornale described Italian authorities intercepting Albanian speedboats racing across the Adriatic with eye-retinas and kidneys freshly removed from human bodies and prepared according to all the necessary medical conditions....

In 1998, London’s Observer newspaper published a shocking expose detailing a massive black market trade in human organs taken from children and infants in Albania. UNICEF told the Observer that hundreds of children simply vanished from the Albanian highlands during the late 1990s. The report said, "There have been many cases of dead new-born babies being discovered on rubbish dumps in Tirana" and that "It is widely thought that most of the missing babies are stolen from mothers who are told they are stillborn."....

According to the Greek report, the organ smuggling began in 1994 and Albanian children with special needs were the primary source of black market organs. The children’s organs were often removed with the permission of parents or the directors of orphanages and institutions where the children were hospitalized.

Women forced into sexual slavery are thought to be another source of black market organs. Thousands of women are held captive for sexual slavery in Kosovo. According to one witness, when the enslaved women are no longer sexually attractive they are killed and their organs are harvested and sold on the black market.

In 2003 Elizabeth Rehn, the former U.N. undersecretary general and special rapporteur for human rights in the Balkans, gave an interview to the Washington Post where she described the trafficking of young females in the Balkans for sexual slavery and organ trafficking. Rehn accused the international community of turning a blind-eye to the problem because diplomats, workers at non-governmental organizations, police officers and religious group employees are among the pimps' biggest clients

Presumably, since the Italian police & even the British press knew about this before our war, NATO intelligence services, being active in the region knew it too. From the description we are likely to be talking about at least 10,000 killings which, in a population of 3.6 million is a very substantial number.

Isn't it good that our media, which can be guaranteed to crucify Garry Glitter, for having paid for underage sex can equally be guaranteed to provide blanket censorship for the obscene animals who do this & the equally obscene animals who hired them to do it. Otherwise people would understand that nobody from Clinton, Albright, Blair, Kohl, Ashdown, Robertson down to Clare Short & Biden have shown they have 1% as much human decency as Glitter (which is not to speak highly of him but there really is no comparison between what they did).

Your headline to this piece is misleading. Nowhere in this piece do you point to evidence of NATO helping in this vile trade - not stopping it is something else entirely. Neither does the piece you link to mention NATO. And it's hard to see what NATO could actually do, short of invading the country. Surely it's a problem for Europe's diplomats, policemen and lawyers to solve, not one for a military alliance to deal with.
NATO has already invaded the country. Under the occupatiion agreement they undertook to maintain peace & run a non-racist regime. Instead they appointed the KLA as "police", knowing exactly what sort of creatures they were. They are protecting them from the the police of the legitimate Serbian authorities, whose sovereignty they undertook to respect.

That the attack on & occupation of Kosovo was a NATO operation is difficult to deny.
You're confusing Kosovo with Albania, aren't you? According to your piece the organ harvesting was done in Albania, not Kosovo.
Oh, sorry, you mention Kosovo as well - my mistake (in part, but you're generalising a bit still).
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