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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Last year I gave vent to my opinion of our media regarding their baying for the arrest of Robert Murat.

The questioning of Robert Murat, something from which he will probably never be free if Madeleine isn't found, was brought about by a suspicious journalist. Lori Campbell of the Sunday Mirror made this deductive leap because
“He was acting very strangely. I found him to be creepy. When he was talking to me he was vague about his background. He was coming in and out of the family apartment speaking with the media and acting like he was somebody official.”

say no more.

I also mentioned the Barry George case & the thousands of schoolgirls kidnapped & sold by our KLA friends. It looks likely that Barry will get justice but the Kosovo schoolgirls remain unpersons to our media. Indeed with del Ponte admitting knowing the KLA had been dissecting people & selling us the organs their fate looks worse than ever.

Meanwhile the enquiry into the Stockline explosion is working slowly on. So far no discussion of the way a number of people who were known to be alive & using mobile phones to call for help some time after the explosion weren't dug out for days, by which time they were dead.

I wrote then:

May 2004 the Stockline plastics factory blew up a few hundred yards in the other direction (busy neighbourhood) & again on seeing it I was surprised how slowly the work of searching for people know to be buried was going. ( bodies were recovered over the next few days & it was known that several of them were alive after the explosion because they called for help on their mobile phones. The search went slowly because the authorities were unwilling to risk killing people if the debris moved. Would more people have survived if the authorities had been willing to take a few more risks to save lives?

I don't know for sure but I do know it is a question that does not get asked & it should be.

I am assuming that the Health & Safety bureaucracy were against rescuers endangering themselves by rescuing asap but neither the media nor anybody in authority seems to be asking.

What a wonderful thing a free & responsible press is.

You say Marat
And you say Murat
Cheers I have now fixed it.
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