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Thursday, June 12, 2008


On the Scotsman site yesterday I asked

59 That this is an SSI seems to be the main problem (apart from Trump being rich & American) that objectors have. Yet I have never seen any objectors actually showing any knowledge of its SSIness.

Quick - what is the nature of the special scientific interest classification & how many scientific expeditions have gone there in the last 5 years.

No looking it up on Google you enviros, but purely from your personal knowledge. On your honour.

200 posts later & despite numerous attacks on me not one of those claiming that the SSI & "environmentalism", rather than Ludditism & a general dislike of rich Americans, is the reason for their opposition was actually able to say what this SSI that is their totem actually is. I posted
165 - I must admit I had initially thought that, after a couple of hours of bluster SOMEBODY, willing to go to the barricades to defend this SSI, would actually have been able to look up what it was ;-)

I have repeated the question today on 3 threads
and so far the level of "environmentalist" ignorance of what they allegedly stand for looks the same.

The answer has been put up - unsurprisingly by someone quite definitely not on the eco-fascist side

62 La La Lands,12/06/2008 13:24:57
60 Salem

Thanks for the support. Many of us have America relatives.

The SSSI at Menie only covers some rare plants, so rare nobody can now find them, as the report was written over 20 years ago. The SSSI was given to cover the Forvie Nature Reserve which is approximately 20 miles away across the Ythan estuary.

Many of the SSSI awarded are not of much national importance but were sorted by landowners in order to receive grants from public money ie the taxpayers.
That was the main interest for holding a SSSI.
Site of Special Scientific Interest. SSSI are not carved in stones and the status can change when the circumstances change.

It is going to come out in the enquiry shortly exactly what the SSSI at Menie covers, and what the main part of the SSSI covers. It was awarded to Menie Estate by default.

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