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Thursday, June 26, 2008


These policies have two main themes – the return of mankind to the Stone Age and the imposition of authoritarian socialist rule. Greens attack the Western economies on a broad front, but they also brandish a trident of three sharp prongs:

Promotion of taxes
Promotion of generous tax-funded subsidies for impractical energy sources
Prevention of the development of local realistic energy sources

To bring down a modern state you merely have to deprive it of energy, which is why so much effort goes into propping up the global warming myth in defiance of overwhelming contrary evidence. The ludicrously expensive biofuels project has the satisfying by-product of fostering both inflation and civil disturbance, all grist to the revolutionary mill. In short it is Greenflation

Definition of Greenflation

I'm not sure that they would really be happy with advanced Stone Age industrialisation:-
I'm sure that when the iron age started there were people demanding that the precautionery principle be adopted for use of iron in case it annoyed the gods & that flint get a government subsidy.
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