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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Field of Golden Rice genetically modified to have more protein which could allow malnourished children to grow up without protein deficiency brain damage

The Environment Minister says of GM foods

"There is a growing question of whether GM crops can help the developing world out of the current food price crisis. It is a question that we as a nation need to ask ourselves. The debate is already under way. Many people concerned about poverty in the developing world and the environment are wrestling with this issue."

The Prime minister believes

A THOUSAND new nuclear power stations are needed across the world to tackle the oil crisis, Gordon Brown warned yesterday.
As the global fuel crisis deepened, the Prime Minister called for a long-term response to the problems which have sent UK petrol prices soaring to almost £1.30 a litre.

He said a new generation of nuclear reactors – to add to the 400 around the globe at present – and a 700 per cent increase in renewable energy would help "lessen our addiction to oil" and provide Britain with secure energy supplies.

It is good to see them taking a principled stand against Ludditism & very good to see that their focus groups must be telling them popular opinion has turned heavily against Luddite eco-fascists. On the other hand it would have been nicer if they had had the same principles years ago. There is no scientific justification for saying there is a "growing" question about whether GM can produce more food - this has been certain for years - & if we had started on replacing our reactors back when these same people were destroying our nuclear industry we would not be facing blackouts now.

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