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Friday, May 23, 2008


Interesting post on Spiked about the Jersey children's home &n the mass murders of children which the media promoted so heavily. Turns out that the "piece of bone" the police repeatedly said the had found & which was evidence of "up to six" murders was a coca nut shell.

Worse; results of carbon dating which proved it was not from the period in question have been in the police hands since early April was publicly asserted, by the chief investigating officer to be "a fragment of a human body… we don’t know how, when or where that person died".

Expect to see no mention of this in the media. When the press push a story which tickles all their prejudices they never put any effort into reporting the truth when it comes out.. It would make them look either corrupt or clowns or both - better just to let the lies stand.

Coconut? Cola nut?
Coconut - my spell checker gave me coca nut but I should have looked myself.
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