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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I got this letter in the Scotsman today:

Having seen the numerous letters (11 March), all but one from the United States, upbraiding you for not censoring Samantha Power's remarks about Hillary, the "monster" Clinton, I think you were right to publish a remark which clearly was not off the record. Indeed, I would say that ethical journalism would require that you do so.
The results of a compliant press are not pretty. For example, it is now known that during the Rambouillet meeting prior to the Yugoslav bombing, the US secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, held a genuinely off-the-record briefing of most of the western media to tell them that it was not the Yugoslavs who were being intransigent over Kosovo but the US government because they deliberately felt "the Serbs need a little bombing" and "what is the use of having the world's best military when you don't get to use them?"

The western media, with virtual unanimity, decided not merely to accept the off the record nature of her statements, but to lie, as instructed, and blame the Serbs, leading to a war in which 80 per cent of NATO's victims were civilians and which brought about genocide and the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo.

The responsibility of the press not to censor itself is a heavy one and I am glad that in this case The Scotsman showed journalistic integrity.

This letter was unedited.

I had yesterday said that though they published letters critical of their decision to report Ms Power's foolish remark they would not publish one reporting the press reaction to Albright's murderous remarks. I was wrong & have put this apology on their site

"My apologies & thanks to the Scotsman. Yesterday online here I said that the Scotsman would not publish a letter mentioning Ms Albright's disgraceful instructions & the media's even more disgraceful obedience to them.

I am very pleased to acknowledge that the Scotsman have so considerably exceeded my expectation.

Now when the BBC report it ....."

References - the briefing
"if we don't get to use it"

Greetings Neil Craig,

from the outset I must congratulate you on your efforts to tell the truth about the Yugoslavian conflict which began unofficially in the late 1980's - and which is still being conducted by Western governments to this day in the Kosovo province of Serbia.

A decades-long conflict which was incited and instigated first and foremost by Germany and the Vatican, then followed soon after by the United States and the European Union (then known as the "European Community") specifically for post-Cold War geostrategic/geopolitical Western imperialist goals vis-a-vis the vast resource-rich Eurasian landmass: where Russia is the chief obstacle to their plans of global conquest.

Thank you very much for defending the Jewish and Serbian people from their Western-sponsored Nazi and Islamofascist enemies.

Also, thank you very much for tirelessly defending the truth for all these years and for indomitably fighting against this despicable Western government-sponsored travesty of justice in the Balkans.

Please visit and contribute to our new website dedicated to the unity of the Jewish and Serbian people, where we acknowledge and appreciate your highly important work on the internet's world wide web.


Max Rosenthal,
and the 4International team of dedicated writers.
Very well said, dear friend Max!!!

Neil, you really must view these three videos on Youtube by our great friend Nigel (Changeling9au) from Australia!!

The REAL Srebrenica Genocide

"You're a genocide denier!" Bleats a Ustashe-Droid

The Pro-Islamist Agenda of the Australian Government Pt.1
Dear Neil,

When you have time, please watch ALL of these wonderful online video exposes of Bill Clinton's and George W.Bush's evil policies of supporting the drug-running, child-sex-slavery racketeering Islamist Nazi Albanian KLA, the Bosnian Izetbegovic SDA Islamofascists and the Croatian Tudjman HDZ Ustasha Nazis against the heroic Christian Orthodox Serbs.

These awesome videos are from our dear friends at the US-based Jewish Task Force (JTF):

Albanian Muslim Nazi Lies

The History Of Nazi Croatia

Croatian Nazi Band Tours America, Canada

Today Kosovo, Tomorrow All Of Europe

New U.S. President Will Be Anti-Serb So We Must Fight Back!

Kosovo Belongs To The Heroic Serbs!

McCain Is Pro-Amnesty, Anti-Israel And Anti-Serb
Hi Neil,

there is a new article produced by my dear friends over at 4International, which I just read.It deals with the horrific Krajina genocide against the Serbs perpetrated by Tudjman and Clinton in 1995. It has plenty of horrific photographic evidence and written documentation in support of its position.


Check it out when you have time.


Kosovo: Serbia probes human organ sales


Explains where some of the missing bodies have gone.
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