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Saturday, March 08, 2008



Corporation Tax powers

Much of the reason for removing the toll is that it obscures how unnecessarily expensive the bridge is. The previous bridge cost £19.5 milliion (£314 million in todays's money) & could therefore be paid for in tolls on the then forecast 1.5 million vehicles. The new bridge will cost £4 billion which means it would have to raise £400 million a year to pay off. At the current 11 million vehicles that would mean a toll of about £40 which would clearly empty the bridge.

There is no reason why the price should be 13 times the previous one. That obscuring this is the real reason why tolls are being removed is shown by the fact that untill now the PC consensus has been that 70% of the transport budget should go to rail despite it being only 3% of travel. If this was a principled stand they would insist drivers pay for the new bridge & it would be obvious how we are being ripped off.

Meanwhile they could cut a tunnel at £40 million with government small change.

1950s predictions

I put this comment on Iain Dale's thread about China getting the Olympics despite their human rights record. The amazing thing is that comments on this then stopped dead at 5 - an incredibly low number of comments for him (yes i'm jealous). I had expected somebody would say that my comparison of our human rights record in Kosovo with China's in Tibet was unfair or even just unpatriotic but nobody has felt able to dispute or even ignore the issue.


The problem with tolls is that, though they worked for the previous bridge, with 1.5 million vehicles a year the new bridge is going to be 13 times as expensive, even after inflation, & so 11 million vehicles could not pay for it.

Any attempt to introduce tolls would merely demonstrate how scandalous this is.

On the other hand the Norwegians have been cutting equivalent tunnels for under £40 million - which could be paid for out of Holyrood's petty cash

Growth - Profesor macDonald's letter

EU & global government

I don't know what is going on in Darfur. However I do know that over many years our media did deliberatly lie to portray the Bosnian Moslem leader as a moderate censoring any mention of the fact that he was an ex-Nazi who had publicly called for the genocide of all non-Moslem communities (60% of the population). They did heavily push the "Srebrenica Massacre" omitting the very strong evidence that it is largely or entirely a fabrication & censored any mention of the prior & undisputed massacre by the Moslem Nazis of at least 3,800 Serb men, women & children (though mainly the latter 2 since the men were in the army). I also know they portrayed the KLA as freedom fighters when they knew they were NATO armed scum recruited from drug dealers, Albanian secret police torturesr, pimps & ex-Nazis sent out to engage in genocide. I could go on for ages but check out

Knowing the western media's propensity to lie it would be immoral to punish anybody, Chinese, Sudanese or anybody else, purely on claims made by organisations which are proveably so corrupt. Also looking at the accusations against Sudan you will see how curiously unspecific they are - specificity would not prove it since ITN "accidentally" fabricated a video of a specific "concentration camp" which wasn't, but the lack of attempts even to produce this much evidence suggests it doesn't exist.

The open secret about prosecuting Nazi war criminals is that we only went after the very small fry & usually non-Germans at that. Look at the trail over the last 10 years & you will not find a German from Germany there. Despite life sentences at Nuremberg virtually all of the big fish were let out between 1950 & 1955, one of the last being Sepp Deitrich kept so "long" not because of the 10s of thousands of Jews he murdered but because of murdering 300 US soldiers.

All of this was done because the Nazis were being rebranded as anti-communist freedom fighters.

The effect of this has been that Nazism is alive & well & hugely influential in running the EU, NATO, Bilderberg Group & our media, as evidenced by our support of ex-Nazis publicly engaged in genocide & the media's censorship of the facts, in Yugoslavia.

Comparing Holocausts

Gordon Brown says Scotland can have tax raising powers
The reference to "income tax, business tax & VAT"is spin. We already have the power to vary income tax by 3p & all parties have backed away from using it. Changing VAT seriously would merely lead people shopping across the border. The biggie is business tax & specificly Corporation Tax.

With that we can go for growth on the Irish model - if the SNP are willing to make the financial sacrifices necessary to achieve what they have called for. The ball has been lobbed back into Alex's court.

More Professor MacDonald

The Scotsman editor says the global cooling puts global warming in some doubt.

Forth crossing

Oh the horror of being part of the politically correct middle classes.

The shame of being caught rummaging though 2nd hand goods competes with the shame of not being.

While the shame of seeing the neighbours in a bigger car can only be aleviated by the hope of catastrophe.

Incidentally even the IPCC, high priests of alarmism, now only says sea level rise will be 15 inches so it looks like Ewan is in for a disappointment

I solve the budget problem, the economic growth problem & the binge drinking culture problem

"Planning" system

We know we could have Irish levels of growth because Ireland managed it. I stand by my belief in high technology. Since then both Labour & the Tories have said they want nuclear power, which is a quite spectacular turn roound in less than a year.

"Environmentalism" & the free market

Building costs & the planning system

Warming - responses to my letter - largely on the sceptic's side.

Ferries & Tunnels

Israeli boycott

The Prince Harry censorship & the Yugoslavia censorships

Death penalty


Police enquiries on murder

Russian election - bias is in British media

Green Danegeld


Russian election - democracy that we don't have

Libertarian suggestion of getting rid of quangos & thus being able to end income tax

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