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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The NIPCC (Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change) run by sceptics has just held a conference in New York. 500 scientists turned up, including Putin's science advisor, but Al Gore, who was invited to defend his position didn't. 500 scientists on this are quite a lot, particularly when there are no grants in it, indeed the opposite. We would have seen massive coverage had they put the desired view. They didn't & the coverage has not only been almost non-existent worldwide but heavily slanted.

Reason online has the headline "Global warming is real" which, despite being in quotes, is the precise opposite of what the conference said.

Reuters starts their report with a picture of the frit Mr Gore.

And the Independent, apparently the only UK report, says nothing about the conference & merely reports that one of the sponsors also supported the idea that passive smoking has not been statistically proven to cause lung cancer, which it hasn't.

Meanwhile the same media repeatedly report that Russia isn't democratic because the media didn't give equal air time to the smaller (or in Kasparov's case virtually non0-existent) parties.

I think "global warming" might be real - i.e. that we are in a bit of a mild spell - though it has been fascinating to learn what a tangle of preposterous "corrections" are applied to the raw temperature measurements. It's "Global Warming", the quasi-religious doctrine, that I don't believe in.
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