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Friday, February 22, 2008


Kerron Cross, allegedly Labour's #1 blogger & the Council leader of Three Rivers Council (wherever that is) put up a very petty & somewhat vindictive piece on Kosovo "independence" about how they would do in the Eurovision Song Contest. I put up a comment on the impropriety of Labour's support of such people giving an example - a link to the photo of our KLA friends brandishing a human head. Kerron's response was to delete it & say
Neil Craig, that is possibly the vilest and most disgusting comment and link I have ever had to delete.

Please do not do it again.

My reply is

It was indeed vile & disgusting.

It was a link to your friends. Indeed one of them has been identified as a "policeman" appointed by your party's government.

If you, as a loyal Labour politician feel it necessary to censor the genocide you have assisted in then perhaps you should not engage in it in the first place.

At the very least it is hypocritical to support your party in genocide & not to be willing to stomach the sight of what you have done.

Please do not claim that either you or your party are in any way whatsoever enemies to Nazism & racial genocide, or indeed censorship, again.
I do not expect this comment to go uncensored either which is why I am putting it here.

UPDATE To be fair to Kerron he has not censored my 2nd comment. Instead he wrote

I will not have stuff like that which you posted on this site.

I will also not have you comparing individuals or Governments with the Nazis and so forth.

As a regular readers know, it is incredibly rare that I censor any of the comments on this site, but I am afraid I will not stand for comments that are grossly offensive or potentially liabellous - your comment was both.

PS Is this why the Lib Dems are at pains to point out you are not an official spokesperson for them?

I said
"I will also not have you comparing individuals or Governments with the Nazis and so forth."

Well that is very noble of you except for
where YOU dubiously compared the SNP to Nazis identiying the father of a particular individual.

Certainly the link between Labour & these Nazis is much closer, bloodier & more current than your allegation.

It seems unnecesary to mention hypocrisy again.

Two quick points, because I am not going to waste any more time on you:

1) If you read that post I actually said people should NOT compare other MPs or parties to the Nazis. And that the SNP were NOT like the Nazis. But thank you for implying otherwise.

2) As far as I am aware I did not post a link to someone holding a severed head.

That is all. Thanks.

to which
But having defended the SNP form not being entirely Nazi you then did indeed attack with 2 specific accusations of Nazism. Something which we have your word you will not allow people to do.

I have provided the link & anybody can see that I telling the truth.

Agreed you didn't display the severed head. It is merely that you are part of a party that helped sever it, among many others, which I consider to be infinitely worse.

I telling the truth". Indeed.

You've had your say now, Neil, any further outbursts will be censored - just so you know.

PS Just to make it clear to anyone else out there, I will not tolerate people posting pictures of severed heads or anything else that is grossly offensive - or potentially libellous.

The fact that I have to say this, let alone repeat this, is rather sad. But you cannot say you have not been given fair warning now.

When all you can do is criticise grammer (however justified) you know you are wrong on the issue.

Now tell me that when choosing a photo to go with that other article you didn't choose the most offensive one of Alex you could find?

The fact remains & it is a very important one, that your party did knowingly & deliberatley launch an illegal war on a lie - you were not helping the victims you were bombing the victims & under the occupation, handing out police unifroms to the Nazis to help them commit more genocide

Kerron said...
I know I said I wouldn't reply, but I can't resist just two brief points:

1) No, I did not pick the worst picture I could find of Alex Salmond to accompany the article, I used the only picture of Alex Salmond that was available on Wikimedia Commons - which is where I now source almost all of the photos that I do not take myself. This is because it is a free image service and does not infringe copyright - this is something I have done for many many months now. So you would have to find some better free images of Alex to put on Wikimedia Commons for that to be true.

2) I personally opposed the war in Iraq in 2003 - which I presume is one of the "two wars" you claim were launched on "lies". I am actually broadly a pacifist by nature.

Perhaps you should do a bit of research before making your wild claims in future?
1) Let what you say on that stand - & the picture too.

2) So you didn't oppose the bombing of Yugoslavia even though it was primarily aimed at civilians & even though Labour's Foreign Secretary had said that it was your KLA allies not the Serbs who had been doing the genocide.

You & your party have engaged in war crimes, genocide, thnic cleansing & helped the KLA kidnap schoolgirls & sell them across Europe. Being a "broad pacifist" (a false flag - you either are or aren't) is no more an excuse than being a vegitarian was for Hitler.

I am unimpressed with Labour members who were "always opposed" to the Iraq war. They seem to be about as common as German Generals who were always really against that war.

Hi Neil,

This post is so critically important that I very strongly recommend that you e-mail the url link for this post to Ted Belman, the editor of Israpundit in Canada, and ask him to please consider publishing it on Israpundit on the personal recommendation of myself.

Neil, I would also really like for you, when you are free, to take the time to comment on some of the Kosovo and Srebrenica articles that have been posted recently on Israpundit so that readers there can get a Scots-UK perspective on all of this as well as be educated by your extensive knowledge on the subject.


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