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Monday, February 18, 2008


Several times in my Comments sections I have mentioned John Redwood's blog to which I have contributed & whose opinions I have found remarkably intelligent for a serving politician. ie he is a free market technocrat who knows his stuff. as I like to think I am.

Yeaterday he put up an entry on the "independence" of Kosovo welcoming it on the quite subtle grounds that the balkanisation of the world would be a good thing because the competition of a multiplicity of small countries would tend to keep the competition honest. I have considerable sympathy for this view & also share his, arguably hypocritical, view that it shouldn't happen here. Nonetheless Kosovo is not becoming "indpendent" as a contribution to a liberal free market world.

I posted a very strong reply which is listed as "awaiting moderation" which I assume means not going to be permitted so I am putting it here. It is a condensed criticism of our entire policy & while, on the one hand it is wrong to censor debate on the other I can understand why he considers it a bit to tough:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Kosovo is not the result of “local loyalties” it is the result of NATO deliberately organising & arming Albanian drug lords, pimps, former secret police torturers & former members of one of the nastiest units of the SS to attack the country. They came mostly from Albania or the criminal communities of New York & Germany rather than Kosovo & engaged in racial genocide. There is no question that the NATO leaders knew this was what they were doing & I remind you of Foreign Secretary Cook’s statement to Parliament 2 months before we started bombing that the majority of killings were of Serb civilians murdered by our KLA hirelings (he ignored the fact that the KLA were also murdering Albanian civilians in similar numbers).

Under NATO rule the “Kosovo community” was deliberately “cleansed” of its traditional population leaving people who are mostly first or 2nd generation immigrants - I wonder if you would have the integrity to support an EU sponsored “independent” London when immigrant communities pass the 50% mark? That is certainly the legal precedent we have established.

NATO action in Yugoslavia compares only slightly favourably with that of Adolf Hitler when the Yugoslavs supported us during that war. Apart from the ingratitude of us destroying a former ally because the Germans insisted on it I do not believe it is in our interests to show potential friends our disloyalty.

I believe that the open censorship & lying by our media over the extent of the genocide we have allowed in Kosovo suggests they are a threat to our own freedom too. For example censoring any mention of the Dragodan Massacre, the largest mass grave in Kosovo & in the UK zone, where the KLA, supplied with our “police” uniforms were assisted in the deliberate genocide of 210 unarmed civilians. This was genocide less than My Lai or Lidice but, since it was conducted after the war had ended, morally much worse. Our behaviour in these wars has been disgusting & should shame any decent Briton & I believe would shame us if had not been censored.

I have little objection to allowing peoples who genuinely wish to, to separate on ethnic lines but that is not what we have done - NATO divided the country on openly non-ethnic lines. John have you gone on record saying that the people of Republica Srpska & indeed the Moslems of Bihac (or those parts of Kosovo with a majority non-Albanian population prior to our “cleansing”) should be allowed independence too or is this merely using rhetoric to support the NATO aggression? Are you also on record as saying we should bomb Washington to ensure that San Diego may join Mexico?

In any case not only have we breached most of the rules of international law & the UN Charter but also our solemn promise under the Helsinki Treaty to “take no action against the territorial integrity & unity” of signatories & the occupation agreement whereby we guaranteed Yugoslav sovereignty. Nor does anybody think that Kosovo, whose economy largely consists of drug lordism, kidnaping schoolgirls to sell to western brothels & working for western governments, all monopolised by our KLA friends, can have a genuine “independence”.

Over Yugoslavia we have destroyed any idea that we have any respect whatsoever for international law, human rights or even principled opposition to the policies of Adolf Hitler. In doing so we have made the world a much more dangerous place, for ourselves & others.

Interestingly all the other comments are against this "independence" too & John states that when he was in cabinet he argued against the Yugoslav "interventions".

Tip of the hat, Sir.
Hi Neil,

My friends over at Israpundit in Canada are having a phenomenal discussion taking place concerning the Real Srebrenica Genocide and how it relates to the NATO/EU backing of Kosovo's claim for independence.

The article, which is introduced by my dear student friend Nathan Pearlstein, has proven to be one of Israpundit's most highest rated and viewed posts of all time!!

Neil,when you have time,could you PLEASE contribute your extensive knowledge on this issue.

Especially what I would like is if you could explain to Israpundit's global readership that Milosevic was NOT guilty for starting any of the Balkan wars in former Yugoslavia and emphasize how the NATO owned ICTY kangaroo court failed to prove that he was guilty of even a single war crime in any of the wars in ex-Yugoslavia from 1991 to 1999.

Neil,Israpundit really is lacking your valuable knowledge & input on this essential topic, especially from a Scots-UK perspective and how what happened in Bosnia relates to what is happening now in Kosovo.

If you could please also emphasize the Islamist-Nazi character of the KLA, Izetbegovic & Naser Oric and the Ustasha-Nazi fascist character of Tudjman & how they were all publicly committed to genocide of the Serbs & others, & how all of these Balkan fascists were backed by NATO/EU officials.

Thanking you in anticipation for your valuable contribution.

Here is the discussion forum link


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