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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Dear Editor,
During news reporting on Kosovo this morning Mark Mardell of the BBC claimed that "The Yugoslavs killed 13,000 people in Kosovo and that NATO bombing & occupation stopped the killing". The late Joseph Goebbels, author of the "big lie" school of reporting & information minister to Adolf Hitler would have been lost in admiration at the ability to squeeze so much untruth into 1 sentence.

The majority of racist killings in Kosovo were actually by the KLA, on whose behalf we were bombing. This was confirmed by Foreign Secretary Cook speaking to Parliament 2 months before starting bombing. Nonetheless the total number killed was, according to the Spanish forensic team hired by NATO, only 2,100, including those killed by NATO bombs & KLA terrorism. Remarkably low considering this was a war zone with, we were assured, 26,000 KLA "soldiers" in action.

Worse than the lie about numbers is the claim that NATO occupation stopped the killing. It merely stopped the western media reporting of the killing. The BBC decided, I assume they say accidentally, to censor any reporting of things like the Dragodan Massacre, in the British Zone, where the KLA, now enrolled as "police" were allowed to deliberately murder 210 unarmed civilians. In total the various acts of genocide under NATO protection probably exceed 6,000. Also many thousands of schoolgirls were kidnapped off the streets & sold to western brothels, run by KLA supporters. In the same way they had previously censored any reports that the flight of refugees was caused by NATO bombing rather than anything the Yugoslavs did. This meant ignoring a number of instances of refugees saying just that (though the translators usually didn't translate) or that a larger proportion of the Serb than of the Albanian population fled.

Our behaviour in these wars has been disgusting & should shame any decent person. I believe it would have shamed us if it had been properly reported.

Yours Sincerely

Neil Craig

This has gone out to a large number of UK newspapers. My general experience is that about half of my letters get published, though it is much lower for papers outside Scotland - they not unreasonably want people in their catchment area. On a statistical basis I should expect this published by about 3 but my experience is that, while papers may value a good controversy on letters pages, this subject is verbotten.

I'm much less interested in the Balkans than you are, but even I can remember that the floods of people started moving after our bombing started, not before. I also recall that talk on "our" side of 100,000 ethnic Albanians having been murdered by the Serbs before the bombing started later proved to be utter poppycock. Mardell is a pill, isn't he?
Fantastic post. Keep up the great work on this.
I was out in London yesterday and saw all the folks in their BMW X5s waving their Union Jacks/Stars and Stripes/Albanian flags following the news. I asked why they were using the US/UK flags and they responded "because if war starts you'll have no choice to come and help us."

Makes me sick.
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