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Sunday, February 24, 2008


On a number of occasions in the past people have left comments saying extremely flattering things about my continued posting on our aggressions against Yugoslavia. I obviously feel this to be far more important than the respectable media do, both from a moral point of view & from the destruction it has done to international law, thus making the world a much more dangerous place for us all.

There is no question that the NATO powers have not only participated in genocide but have broken international law & the Helsinki Treaty Section 1 A
Accordingly, the participating States will refrain from any acts constituting a threat of
force or direct or indirect use of force against another participating State.
Likewise they will refrain from any manifestation of force for the purpose of inducing another
participating State to renounce the full exercise of its sovereign rights.
Europe is a relatively small area with high technology. When fighter jets can cross 2 countries before they can reach top speed we need some system whereby we can be relatively assured against aggression & NATO have destroyed it. Moreover they have proved to the world that no treaty or agreement with most of the NATO countries is worth the paper it is written on, which will not make it easier to make such agreements in future & has visibly helped in growing the Shaghai Pact.

For that reason my support of the Yugoslavs is not purely noble but contains a fair amount of self interest. On the other hand I do like to think it contains a fair bit of nobility as well & like everybody else, I am very flattered & grateful for praise.

However I will not usually post a reply comment to a comment saying only this. Partly I don't know what to say which would not seem as gushing and embarrassing as any Oscar speech. Partly it is that comments sections are for you - I get all the big space. I will usually answer a question & often say where I think a comment is factually wrong but generally would like to encourage more comments & don't think I will achieve this by monopolising the conversation.

But I would like to thank you for watching me & my little show & I love you all.

(& blogspot's spellcheck seems to be working again)


you are way too modest and self-conscious when it comes to being appreciated!!

You have done a mighty fine job over the last 4 years in the cause of truth and justice, & I am 100% certain that multitudes of truth-loving people all over the world feel exactly the same.

Mighty Good job old chap!!

All the very BEST for your future prosperity & happiness Neil!!

take care,

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