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Monday, January 07, 2008


The Scotsman says that Hilary Clinton is about to "get tough" to combat her falling polls.

Bill Clinton's secretary of state, Madelein Albright, in an off the record briefing, told the western media that she had prevented the Serbs being offered a deal they could honourably accept because "the Serbs need a little bombing".

If Mrs Clinton is engaged in a "get tough strategy" does this mean she will be bombing hospitals in New Hampshire?

On a similar note googling Ron Paul together with Kosovo I found this from Ron Paul published by him in Texas:

Citizens of a free country ought to expect they won't be burdened with the kind of propaganda barrage that has come to be associated with Nazi "interior ministers" such as Josef Goebbles or Soviet "media spokesmen" like Vladimir Posner. However, the more information that comes out about the NATO war in Kosovo, the more evident is the fact that NATO made an apparent "policy decision" to lie about Serbian atrocities......

.....we were told before the bombings that there was mass genocide occurring, the figure of "100,000 or more" was tossed around even though there was no evidence to back-up this claim. One media pundit suggested the number would be a quarter-of-a-million dead. NATO even gave a name to this "campaign of mass genocide," it was dubbed "Operation Horseshoe".....The actual number of people found in the reported mass-graves totals slightly more than 2,000.....Kosovo was safer than any major U.S. city prior to the NATO bombing. Moreover, as Steele shows, it is hardly evident that each of those bodies was killed as a result of a campaign of genocide....

The sad trail of lies in Kosovo merely reinforces two facts. The first is that our republic depends upon a press that will question the claims of our leaders instead of just accepting them. The second is that Congress has shirked both its Constitutional responsibility to declare war before U.S. troops are sent into battle and its oversight responsibility to closely monitor the administration in its carrying out of foreign policy

Having yesterday largely supported his position on space development & the X-Prize I am extremely impressed to see not only that we are in agreement on a totally unrelated subject but that he has the balls & integrity to publicly say what he believes to be the truth when it is against all the propaganda the state has been pushing. America is extremely fortunate to have such a man. I wish we had anybody a quarter as good. I doubt if he will get the money needed to become President but Vice President must be a strong possibility.

Ron Paul's writings In an age when any political idea has to be reduced to a one sentence soundbite for the TV he seems to be quite remarkably literate.

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"while among Republicans, Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Ron Paul, and Mike Huckabee are clustered together at around 10 percent each."

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By what plausible route could he become Vice-President? Though come to think of it, is there anything stopping him from running as an independent for the Vice-Presidency? Now that would be fun. It would make the Presidential candidates uncomfortable - if he won, they might think, then one libertarian assassin could then arrange for there to be a libertarian President. Of course there could be no such thing as a libertarian assassin, but could the Presidential candidates be confident of that?
Hi there, great blog you got. That's a remarkable quote by Ron Paul. I hadn't seen that before. He sure has got loads of guts and integrity. A real rarity these days in political candidates.

If a candidate lies about Kosovo you can bet your bottom dollar he or she is gonna lie about pretty much everything else when convenient.

Hillary the mass murderer told her husband Bill in '99 that Serbs were mass rapists and their country had to be bombed. Turned out it was a flat out lie. I'm still waiting for the apology from CNN, the Clinton News Network.

Truth is that Hillary's husband "Slick Willy" turned out to be a rather nasty serial rapist anyways. NATO shoulda bombed Bill's house by that standard.The precedent is set, folks.

America desperately needs a few more Ron Pauls in politics. God bless him and his family and let's pray that he wins, even if you are an atheist.

Here's what I found when I did a search on "Hillary Clinton" and "bomb Serbs"

"Hillary Clinton is a Mass Murderer...Truth about why US bombed and killed 250,000 Serbian women and children"

This is the Truth about Clintons bombing of Serbia and Kosovo, while Bill Clinton was being impeached.

Fact: Serbia never threatened the USA, and was a friend and ally of the US. The United Nations Forensic Units said there was no "ethnic cleansing." It was a lie created by the Clintons and the Democrats to get your mind off Bill Clinton's impeachment and Monica Lewinsky's blow jobs.

Hillary Clinton ordered now ex-general "Weasel" Clark to bomb civilian targets in the city of Kosovo for 78 days...and not Serbian combatants. The result was Hillary Clinton is personally responsible for murdering 250,000 Christian women and children. Hillary Clinton is now the most famous Mass Murderer in history.

The result was that the Muslim terrorists who invaded Serbia from Muslim Albania, who came from Chechnya, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and other terrorist countries, and found the US weak, stupid, and confused about the real intentions of the Islamic World-Wide Jihad...and thus became emboldened.

The murder of 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001 was a direct result of the Clintons' idiotic and mindless, selfish political and psychopathic behaviors that has put this country and the world in jeopardy.

The rest of the article is here:
I was thinking that it is quite common for a leading candidate to take another candiate on as Vice to pick up some votes & unite the party (Reagan/Bush & Kennedy's relationship with Johnstone was not that of either friends or political allies).

It waould have to be another lone nut assassin since libertarians don't get more organised.
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