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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Radio Scotland were interviewing a guy from the Met Office whom the introduced by saying that "there is a scientific consensus on global warming. I sent this email which in part they read out - the parts they didn't being marked [ ]
There is a scientific consensus that global warming is upon us?

How does the BBC explain the Oregon Petition of over 19,000 scientists who say otherwise? [Well ok the answer is that you just don't report it.]

However your John Mitchell was actually quite sensible. The rise as low as 1 degree is most definitely not catastrophic warming - it would make us about as warm as North Wales [which is hardly catastrophic & is less than we have experienced during the Medieval & lare Roman warming periods.]

I can hardly object to them not reading out me saying that they censor reporting of the petition. However it may incline somebody there to be less one sided. Or it may be that BBC Radio have already come under pressure to prove themselves less biased. The last half sentence would have been quite nice but would perhaps have made it to hard hitting.

John Mitchell was a Met Office scientist & while he did not express any doubt about some warming nothing he said suggested it would be remotely as expensive as the Kyoto rules.

Won't Global Warming make the sea level rise so that the tunnel's open ends get flooded and it fills up with water? I'm sure that's why the Scottish Exec/Govt won't buy a tunnel. With a suspension bridge, you see, even in a flood circus unicyclists could still cross using the cabling.
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