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Friday, January 04, 2008


This morning Radio Scotland did a piece on how EON are about to put up electricity prices by 10%. They had John Swinburne from the pensioner's party saying how people should vote for his party because they wanted increased money for pensioners to cover rising electricity costs. In the phone in section somebody rang to say that electricity prices in Cyprus were half ours & Gary asked for people to phone in to tell him what prices abroad are. I rang & got on the air to say that while I couldn't give the retail price the French were manufacturing 85% of their power by nuclear at 1.3p a unit, half the price of coal power & 1/4 that of windmills. Gary did say that we also have nuclear but accepted my reply that they are rather old reactors & that Hunterston is working at well under capacity because of age.

I was only on for 30 seconds, which is not unreasonable because it was at the end of the programme, but I think I got the point across.

I also put this comment on the Herald
The "environmentalist" movement & in practice most politicians is opposed to any method of producing electricity that actually works.

Coincidentally EON are about to put up electricity prices 10%. This will be denounced by "environmentalists" & most politicians., (but not by a single honest one).

The French produce as much electricity as they want plus as much as they can profitably sell abroad at 1.3p a unit. We could do the same & the responsibility for high electricity prices & 24,000 consequent hypothermia death lies entirely with the eco-fascists & the politicians.

That's the cheap and plentiful wind power you keep on hearing about...
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