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Sunday, December 02, 2007


What the Greens stand for.

Kosovo - the world of 2007 is not the world of 1999. The NATO troops which would be used to protect the KLA committing genocide (as they surely would after "independence") would have to exclude Brits & Americans, who have their own wars & other NATO forces have not performed well in Afghanistan. Moreover Russia is not the weak power it used to be & the Chinese & Indians in the Shanghai Pact, would support them.
Finally the net has come of age. During the 90s it was possible for our media to lie continuously to us (calling our openly genocidal former SS friends "democrats" & the democratic Yugoslavs "Nazis), lying about the non-existent "rape camps" where, if our media were in the remotest degree whatsover honest hundreds of thousands of Moslem women were imprisoned to produce hundreds of thousands of Serb children, who would be in their late teens by now, had they existed, as well as the censorship of the real Srebrenica Massacre of thousands of serb civilian while pushing, Goebels style, the big lie of a massacre of the massacre of Moslem soldiers; fabricating photos (the ITN "concentration camp" video & the Guardian's "hanged woman" one) & censoring the genuine ones.

The net means these people no longer have the truth by the throat. The British people are basically decent & those who know anything about it know we have been lied to let our leaders commit genocide (any online forum, even the Guardian's shows how opinion lies). We will not put up with helping Nazis commit genocide again.

Monioat supports building houses

Will Hutton calling for protection of banks

David Abrahams & Paul Green - 2 property developers giving dodgy donations to political parties - what makes property developers particularly keen on donating to politicians :-)

Donation from Glasgow property developer. £1 billion poured down the drain by 7 eco-fascist councillors.

smoking ban

What most people don't know is that while the Nuremburg Trials were carried out with a fair degree of integrity (even finding a couple of them, quite properly, not guilty) once it was over they were quietly let out the back door. Between 1950, when Germany was becoming a democratic freedom loving opponent of communism again, & 1955 virtually all of them were given early release on "compassionate" grounds. Sepp Deitrich was held till 1955 not because he had killed 15,000 Lithuanian Jews but because he killed 300 American POWs.

The major exception & poster child for how serious we were, was Hess who had been sentenced to death by Hitler & who therefore had no credit with all the democratic freedom loving ex-SS officers running Germany's army, industry & increasingly politics. Ever since Germany has been keen to protect its citizens accused of war crimes which is why almost everybody dragged up in recent years has turned out to be a very low level Pole or Lithuanian with no connections rather than, for example, Secretary General of the UN.


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