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Monday, December 17, 2007


Not the well known Iain Dale but a Scots LibDem. I knew the guy slightly back when I was a member of the party & have apparently become an unperson. Following a link from the well known Iain I put up comments, not supportive but not obscene or personally insulting like Norman Fraser has sometimes sent me & he has decided not to put any of them up. He has a perfect right not to accept comments but it is somewhat dishonest to pretend to & he thus joins the distinguished company of a couple of KLA sites which do the same.

My recent comment on Nicol Stephen accusing the SNP of "cleverness" was partly inspired by my response to a particularly brown-nosing piece by him on how his wonderful speech proved "we in the Scottish Lib Dems are the real opposition to this gnat government". None of the other comments are really worth going on about but pretending to accept comments & not doing so is a breach of netiquette which should not go unmentioned.

And before Norman comments I do not & have never pretended to accept comments which are obscene or purely personally abusive to me or other commenters, though I have accepted ones from him which were abusive but also made a point.

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