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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HERALD LETTER - LIB DEMS Smears because SNP support the economy

A short letter in the Herald today over the Trump affair. They removed the 2nd paragraph <> which may be because of lack of space or may be because former Yugoslavia is the single most difficult subject to get a newspaper to publish letters on. I speak from some experience.

However this means I have had 4 letters on 3 subjects in the Herald (global warming, nuclear power & now Trump) & 1 in the Scotsman (Trump) in as many weeks which has broken a dry spell.

I note considerable coverage is being given to LibDem leader Nicol Stephen's accusation that the SNP "may" have done something illegal but he can't quite say what, following on his accusation, at first minister's questions of them suffering the disgraceful sin of "cleverness". This was apparently intended to distract attention from the fact that the leading councillors who refused to allow Mr Trump to invest £1 billion in Aberdeenshire were LibDems.

< It is a shame that he did not benefit from similar coverage when, a couple of years ago on Question Time, he accused the Israelis of criminal behaviour for responding to Hamas rocket attacks by destroying an electricity sobstation which he said was a "war crime". The LibDems very enthusiasticly supported bombing Yugoslavia to help the NATO armed KLA commit genocide. One of the least murderous of NATO's acts there was destroying electricity generators. Does anybody know of any other party leader who has thus not only accused other parties of criminal behaviour but accidentaly accused his own of war crimes?>
Yours Faithfully
Neil Craig

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