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Saturday, December 22, 2007


The Scottish Parliament has held a debate on whether the UK should have a debate on the EU Constitution er treaty. The SNP & Tories voted yes, the LudDims voted no (despite having fought the last election on a promise to do so) & Labour (same promise) sat on their hands.

On the one hand, since it has no legislative power over the UK Parliament it was a lot of political posturing as the Telegraph points out

There was one of those daft debates at Holyrood yesterday on an issue over which the Scottish Parliament has no power and in which it has - at least on the evidence of the sparse attendance - very little interest.

The issue was Europe, and specifically, that the SNP believes that the UK Government should hold a referendum on the EU reform treaty....

In the end, the "unholy alliance" of SNP and Tories - plus the Greens - comfortably carried the day, thanks to a mass abstention by Labour and, for the record, the Scottish Parliament believes that there should be a referendum on the treaty.

On the other hand it is within the power of Holyrood to hold a consultative referendum within Scotland & enthusiastic or not there would clearly be a majority for it. So lets have one. A little democracy is better than none.

YOu can already not vote about the EU, online.

Vote YES or NO to Free Europe Constitution at!
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