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Monday, December 17, 2007


Hilary Clinton's husband engaged in a war which was illegal under both international law & the US constitution, for the specific purpose of assisting a KLA whom he knew to be engaged in genocide. He did this to distract the media from his adultery. He is unquestionably guilty of both war crimes & crimes against humanity.
This does not make his wife the same but, since she gave him total support throughout, it does prove her unfit for any serious role in government.

Russia's growing wealth
The difference between poverty & "poverty" ie income inequality.
Global warming "consensus",,2221498,00.html
Russian election - The concept that an election being won by the guy that 63% of the voters freely voted for is proof that democracy doesn't exist is a difficult one to maintain.

Perhaps no more difficult than to maintain that an election where only 20% of the electorate voted for the party that got an overwhelming majority, is proof that we have a healthy democracy.

Reply to my Herald letter on warming & my online response - "No one with any intelligence denies"; "indisputable"; "there is no doubt"; "sceptics are in denial" used instead of evidence shows the intellectual bankruptcy of the alarmists case.

eg It is indisputable that the Sun orbits the earth & no one with any intelligence doubts Galilleo is in denial & must be imprisoned for saying otherwise.


In 41/2 years of "trial" the NATO funded "court" were unable to find a single piece of evidence that Milosevic had done anything criminal.If Timothy Garton Ash has any evidence he must explain why he did not contact the "court" who were desperate for some evidence, right up to the moment when person or persons unknown poisoned him. If he has not the Nazi owes a fulsome & public apology.


I note my post has been deleted. All I said was that (A) no evidence was produced against Milosevic in 4 1/2 years of trial & that he was poisoned by person or persons unknown & (B) repeated, word for word, the gratuitous rudeness the author said about Milosevic back to him.

(A) is merely a matter of public record.

(B) If what I said was improper to write online about somebody writing what are clearly the Guardian's political views then the only possible way it can be right for the Guardian to publish exactly the same words about somebody not given the chance to defend himself is if it is if the paper is willing to say anything about today's propaganda enemy & censor anything about the genocidal war criminals whose pockets they are in.

In which case in what circumstances can we believe anything they say. For example we know that everything they are saying today about Darfur they were saying in the 90s about Yugoslavia. How do we know that any of it is true when we know for a fact that the Guardian is willing to make up anything about one side & censor anything by the side we are (currently) supporting.

Obviously the proper thing to do is to hand over the south of England to immigrants & to ethnically cleanse all British born people. This is, after all, what the Guardian has commissioned so very many articles to say should be done to the Serbs.

Obviously if the Guardian is not being openly racist & pro-Nazi they must have commissioned a similar number of articles to support a similarly progressive policy in Britain.

Answering Will Hutton on the long boom & the alleged coming recession:
"That long boom was made possible by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the opening of China (and to a lesser extent India) in the 1990s"

No. The long boom was caused by the growing importance of computerisation & of Moore's Law which says that computer capacity, at a fixed price, doubles every 18 months. This may well also be what caused the collapse of the USSR as well since they had missed out on computerisation & PCs & the internet were incompatible with totalitarianism.

The boom will continue because Moore's Law in still operative (& something similar is happening in bio-tech), but it may only continue outside Europe. Britain's "boom" has, in fact been a comparative recession since we have grown at 2.5% while the world average was 5%. The main reason for this is that far from being an entrepreneurial culture we are in fact a very heavily & destructively state regulated one. House prices, which are set by government regulation which actively prevents housebuilding, is a prime example.

Free enterprise - The concept of "right" & "left" seems to have become largely defined by how each reacts to free enterprise. If you think free enterprise is is an efficient system which maximises human productivity your are "right". You are also right since hundreds of examples of countries which have run by free enterprise or command, or as in the case of China moved from one to the other undeniably show that free enterprise is much more efficient. If you believe that some form of central planning works more efficiently you are "left" (or possibly a Fascist or Nazi but most "leftists" don't know anything about these movements except that they hated Blacks & Moslems*. A recent variation is that you join the Greens (who claim to be "left" despite being the ultimate conservatives) & say that maximising efficiency (ie progress) is a bad thing & get to blame free enterprise anyway.

The original meaning of left & right is that when representatives entered the French revolutionary Parliament the posh people went through the door first & thus ended at the right of the chamber. If the term were to have any related meaning now it would have to be in favour of maximising the rights & incomes of the poor as against those in charge. On that basis maximum free enterprise but with a decent welfare state should be the leftist position whereas maintaining control of the nearly 50% of our economy by the "great & good" of the civil service etc would be a rightist position. People like Clare short who believe in illegal wars & bombing hospitals would be very far to the right.

*They are wrong. The Nazis were to busy being against the Slavs & Jews to bother Blacks & got on very well with Moslems who manned several SS divisions for them.,,2226539,00.html
Why does the Guardian refuse to do more articles on the threat to humanity from witchcraft. All these articles saying this year's floods, last years drought, hurricane Katrina, the low level of hurricanes since, the reduction in butterflies & polar bears, the increase in butterflies & polar bears etc are caused by global warming.

Everybody knows these are caused by witches. It is all a conspiracy by greedy capitalists who are only after profits & who stop the papers telling of the real threat. All these witches flying around & kissing the devil's bum must be true because computer models show that if all the amended figures showing they exist continue at the predicted rate we will all be going to Hell sometime after peak oil hits.

There must be government grants for an urgent programme of finding witches. The government must employ more witchfinders. I guarantee they would find lots of witches. Only thus can we overthrow capitalism.
Ian twists & turns like a twisty turny thing in yet another of the articles supporting the KLA which he bet me a bottle of rum didn't exist. In fact, as he effectively admits the NATO powers did accept the complete legal sovereignty of Yugoslavia as part of the occupation agreement. In any case the Helsinki Treaty also guarantees that all European countries, except Albania which refused to play, acknowledged a duty to "take no action against the territorial integrity & unity" of all European countries including Yugoslavia. This rule is, or rather was, a very good basis for European peace. Therefore, whatever Ian says there is no possibility of ANY European or US politician who possesses the remotest trace of integrity supporting "independence" under his openly genocidal Nazi KLA friends.

Ignoring justice, ignoring the rule of law, ignoring human decency (since a KLA which, with NATO help, kidnaps children to sell to brothels is hardly decent), ignoring war crimes, ignoring genocide & ethnic cleansing of 350,000 Kosovars by NATO's Nazi police, ignoring everything but naked self interest - even then Ian should not support his Nazi friends. London is currently just over 40% immigrant, shortly it will be moreso just as the Kosovars have been outnumbered by Albanian immigrants whom our media, as a racist propaganda term now call "Kosovars". The precedent has been established which would allow Ian to be driven from his home or murdered by "Londoners" in "revenge attacks".

Equally, by establishing that the rule of law, the UN Charter & indeed the most solemn treaty promises of every NATO nation are totally valueless we have ensured that every small country must rely on weaponry &/or the Shanghai Pact - ask North Korea, Iran or indeed Israel. This makes the world a vastly more dangerous place, for all of us not just those Nazi journalists who have, for so many years, deliberately lied to support genocide.

PS Readers will be unsurprised to find he welshed on his bet too.

Dregodan massacre

Hello there Neil Craig,

I was given your blog address by a good friend. I noticed you have very good knowledge of the break up of Yugoslavia instigated by Croatian, Bosnian and Albanian Nazis beginning in the early nineties.

However, have you ever done a post on British sympathisers of the Croatian and Albanian Nazi cause who volunteered as mercenaries for the anti-Semitic Hitler apologist, Dr.Franjo Tudjman and the Albanian Nazi KLA in their war of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Serbs and Jews?

Here is what I am talking about: a British pro-Croatian Nazi website (though they deny being Nazis) under the guise of "freedom fighters for democracy" (I found this British site, not surprisingly, on a neo-Nazi website called "Stormfront") run by a couple of Brits named Daniel Kington and Colton Perry(one of whom fought as a mercenary for the Croatian Nazi cause).

Here is how they describe Tudjman's genocidal '91 to '95 "Croatian Homeland War" and the Nazi KLA's drive to get rid of the Serbs and Jews in Kosovo in '98-'99(note the Albanian separatist spelling of the Kosovo province as 'Kosova')-

"In 1998 the Serb government stepped up its ten-year repression of the Kosova Albanians with a concentrated attempt to murder or displace the entire population.

"Sadly, most of us were too disabled, mentally or physically spent to join with the Kosova Liberation Army (UCK). Nevertheless 30 - 40 International Volunteers came forward, participating in the guerrilla campaign and training Kosovar soldiers until the NATO liberation. The only recapture of Kosovan territory by the UCK from the Yugoslav Army was led by an International Volunteer.

"Kosova was, we hope the endgame. However,if another European tyrant should think he can persecute his neighbours and intimidate others he will have to reckon with thousands of individuals who will be prepared against all the odds and even the hostility of their own governments, to defy him.

"Our motto is 'Za Slobodu', which means for freedom, an axiom as true today as it was in the darkness and fear of 1991."

I wonder what these two Brits would have to say about Dr. Tudjman's Holocaust denial, his desecration of the World War 2 Jasenovac death camp memorial in '91,his granting of Croatian government positions to WW2 Ustasha death camp killers and his statement to the Croatian media that "Thank God my wife is neither a Serb nor a Jew"? More obfuscation, casuistry or denial, most probably.

Interesting that these British mercenaries of Tudjman's genocidal "Croatian Homeland War" can set up a website such as this and campaign with a straight face for assistance from the British government (at taxpayers' expense) to compensate them as "war veterans" for a war they fought in Tudjman's Croatia to advance the cause of Croatian Balkan Nazi (Ustasha) genocide under the pretence of "fighting for freedom and democracy". The very idea makes me sick to my stomach but I suppose I really shouldn't be surprised by anything anymore.
Thanks I hadn't seen that one. Michael Parenti's book To Kill A Nation, of which I have a very high opinion, quotes a British newspaper story about IRA members working as extremely well paid mercenaries for the Croatian Nazis. Some people arrested as Islamic terorists in recent years got their start in Bosnia. Much of the KLA consisted not of people from Kosovo but from the Albanian communities of Germany & New York (I get the impression somebody, presumably the CIA, recruited some of the New Yorkers by getting them released from prison there.) Indeed some terrorists recently arrested in the US were Albanians who were going to bomb a US army camp of which they had detailed knowledge because they had been trained there.

Meanwhile Fikret Abdic, the most popular Moslem leader in Bosnia rots in jail on a charge of the war crime or resisting al Quaeda's press gang back when they were our allies in terror.

To say that the dishonesty of all those who claim we are involved in a "war on terror" is obscene is a considerable understatement.
Thank you Neil Craig for your prompt reply.

You are absolutely correct about the Albanians who were caught trying to blow up Fort Dix in the US. You are also right about the al Qaeda terrorists getting their training in Bosnia.

Izetbegovich, the Bosnian moslem "president" of the rotating Bosnian collective presidency (he never was really elected in a popular vote as Fikret Abdic was) usurped power from Abdic and furthermore Izetbegovich violated the Bosnian constitution by not handing power over to the Serbian member of the rotating collective presidency (Radovan Karadzic I believe it was at the time) as Izetbegovich was required to do by law under the said constitution.

The Americans (under George Herbert Walker Bush) and the British (under John Major, later Tony Blair) were aware of Izetbegovich's Islamofascist credentials from Izetbegovich's glory days as a genocidal racist in Tito's Socialist Yugoslavia.

Izetbegovich wrote an Islamist fundamentalist racist tract in 1969-1970, (somewhat akin to an Islamofascist version of "Mein Kamph") and it was well known to Western intelligence agencies that Izetbegovich was arrested in the early '80s for spreading racism, hatred and intolerance for non-moslems in order to set up a purely Moslem only state of Bosnia.

British born Croat nationalist, Croatian Ustasha Holocaust and WW2 Yugoslav history revisionist, ICTY Milosevic 'trial' employee (he helped write the ridiculous ICTY 'indictment')son of Croatian ultra-nationalist author, Branka Magas (his mother, who for many years before Milosevic was even in the British news told British audiences that Milosevic was a 'rabid fascist' whom was 'oppressing Croats and Albanians') and fellow traveller of the British Workers Revolutionary Party: I am speaking of course about none other than anti-Serbian bigot and Tudjman and Mesic apologist, Marko Attila Hoare. Attila Hoare still claims, with a straight face, that Izetbegovich was not convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison by the Socialist Yugoslav government in 1983 for spreading hatred and racism and attempting to turn Bosnia into a purely Moslem republic, but implies that Izetbegovich was merely imprisoned for his "anti-communism" and "opposition to the communist Yugoslav authorities". (See a news dispatch by the anti-communist US- government-funded 'Radio Free Europe' from this time period here:

Here is what the RFE dispatch states:

"On August 20 the Sarajevo District Court
sentenced 11 Yugoslav "Moslem nationalists" to prison.
Their sentences total 90 years. One defendant, a woman,
was sentenced to six months on probation and immediately
released, while the thirteenth defendant was excused
from the trial because of bad health. The two most severe
sentences were given to Omer Behmens (fifteen years) and
Hassan Cengic (fourteen years). All 11 of the people
sentenced were accused of spreading "Pan-Islamism" and of
trying to turn Bosnia-Herzegovina into a "purely Moslem"
republic. They were said to have issued a 50-page
Islamic Declaration in which the "Islamization" of the
Moslems in Yugoslavia was demanded.

"The most severe sentences were given to Omer Mustafa Behmens --
15 years -- and Alia Mustafa Izetbegovic -- 14 years; Hassan Halid
Cengic and Ismet Osman Kasumagic were sentenced to 10 years each;
Edhem Assim Bicakcic to 7; Dzemaludin Sakib Latic to 6 1/2; Hussein
Hamda Zivalj and Dervish Fehim Djurdjevic to 6 each; Mustafa Spahic,
Salih Mustafa Behmen, and Mrs. Melikha H. Salihbegovic to 5 years each.

The judge, Rizah Hadzic, also a Moslem but an atheist, said
that "it is neither religious conviction nor believers who have been on trial here,
but rather proven and cunning Moslem nationalists who have been
fighting for the Islamization of Bosnia-Herzegovina." They are
said to have "propagated national intolerance and hatred." It
appears that one of the main sins was that some of the condemned
had maintained links with Moslems abroad."

Western intelligence agencies were also keenly aware that Izetbegovich was arrested, tried and convicted after World War 2 for his fascist proclivities as a founding member in 1940 in Sarajevo of the "Young Muslims" organisation, said organisation acting as an auxiliary Nazi recruting arm for the Waffen SS.

The "Young Muslims" were an organisation of Islamist racist fanatics modelling themselves on Egypt's infamous racist Islamofascist 'Ikhwan al Muslimeen' organisation (aka "Muslim Brotherhood" just type in 'al Banna Nazi' in Google) the Muslim Brotherhood, after whom the Young Muslims in Sarajevo were modelled, worked very closely with the WW2 Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj amin al Husseini in the establishment of the Bosnian Moslem 'Handschar' and 'Kama' SS divisions in 1943. Husseini being one of the leading Arab anti-Semites and a co-architect with Heinrich Himmler of Hitler's 'Final Solution' of the 'Jewish question'in Europe and the Middle East.

See the Canadian Young Muslims website here for a hagiography of Izetbegovich at:

where you will read the following:

"In 1940, at the age of 16 he co-founded the Young Muslims, a religious and political group modeled on Egypt's Ikhwan al-Muslimeen."

Izetbegovich plied his fascist trade during WW2 with his stint with the 'Young Muslims' as a recruiting agent for the 13th Waffen SS Gebirgs division known in German as the "Handschar Kroatische" (all of these facts came out in Izetbegovich's trial by Tito's military courts in 1946, a fact that is strenuously denied by the likes of British anti-Serbian bigots such as the aforementioned Marko Attila Hoare and his fellow traveller, the British merchant banker, Oliver Kamm).

It gets worse.Izetbegovich's relationship with Osama bin Laden was also very well known to Western intelligence in the early to mid '90s as was Izetbegovich's collaboration with bin Laden and the Islamofascist religious mullahs in Iran with the importation of tens of thousands of fanatical Islamist 'Mujaheddin' (aka today's 'al Qaeda') killers from the Middle East into Bosnia from as early as the beginning of 1992. This was the 'training ground' as you mentioned,for al Qaeda's subsequent attacks on Western targets like New York, Washington, Madrid and London. These are the kinds of people Izetbegovich was close friends with and allied to during the '90s.

These Islamofascist Mujaheddin al Qaeda killers were responsible, along with Bosnian Moslem Nazi commander of Srebrenica, Naser Oric, in slaughtering thousands of Serbian civilians all over Bosnia and Herzegovina (most infamously in Srebrenica and its environs) from early '92, often in conjunction with Tudjman's neo-Ustashe Nazi troops who illegally crossed the border from Croatia into Bosnia in early February of 1992 well before war officially broke out in April of '92. Tudjman's Croatia suffered no punishment (eg UN economic sanctions) for this, being protected by Kohl's and Genscher's Germany and the Vatican.

I also recommend reading the 3-part Historical and Investigative Research article:
'Who was Alija Izetbegovic: Moderate Democrat or Radical Islamist?' here:
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