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Monday, November 05, 2007


The Observer & other media have pounced on the Tory candidate who said "Powell was right" on immigration but have been careful not to really say what they are criticising. Yesterday David Davis was interviewed & the interviewer asked him to denounce Hastilow not on the basis of the original article but on what the Observer had said combined with the remark "grinning picanninies" from Powell's speech 40 years ago. Criticism should be of what is actually said. The Full article is available here. In fact he very carefully did not say Powell was right but expressed it as a commonly held opinion:
When you ask most people in the Black Country what the single biggest problem facing the country is, most people say immigration. Many insist: “Enoch Powell was right”.
In fact his only criticism of a racial group is of the British
It’s claimed we couldn’t survive without immigrants to work in our hotels, pubs and restaurants, to pick our fruit and clean our hospitals.

But that’s because we make life too easy for the five million or more people who could be working but enjoy life too much living off the state.

Why are 1.65 million people unemployed when it seems as if there’s a job for more or less anyone who wants one? Why are 2.4 million people claiming incapacity benefit when society is getting healthier?

In the past they would have been accused of “swinging the lead”, “skiving”, “scrounging” or “cheating”. Now we’re told they need “up-skilling” and then they would be only too happy to work (but for their bad backs).
The real question is
And no wonder. Does anybody in the country really want to see our population grow by almost half a million every 12 months so that in 24 years’ time it will have increased by almost 11 million?

And if any media critics wish to answer this, or the rest of what he actually said, I will be very surprised.

Yeah, he's a diamond geezer all right. Unfortunately he thinks you're scum too...


'Rivers of blood' row Tory quits as candidate

"• In a blog posted in August, Mr Hastilow said there should be an English referendum to expel Scots from the UK.

He said: "They take vast quantities of our money and spend it on themselves making sure their lives are much cushier than ours.""
I think you mean he has called for a referendum on independence for England in the same way the SNP are calling for one for Scotland. I very much doubt if all SNP members would call the English "scum".
Well now, it so happens I have noted this rebuttal from the right by Dominic Lawson

"The BBC's peerless economics correspondent, Evan Davis, points out that if the whole of the UK had the population density of Jersey then we would have a headcount of 180 million. Yet the people of Jersey are not engaging in bloody civil war or cannibalism – the sort of outcome that would be predicted by the population doomsters. As Davis observes, the key to managing population growth is to develop the appropriate infrastructure, which presumably Jersey has managed to do."
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