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Monday, November 12, 2007


On the Guardian website yesterday that august paper published an article by Mr George Soros, billionaire of this planet, on how the party he opposes in the US (the Republicans) are engaging in media manipulation to "turn reality on its head" & how this subverts democracy. The article starts:

"In his novel 1984, George Orwell chillingly described a totalitarian regime in which all communication is controlled by a Ministry of Truth"

Indeed Soros is quite correct - this is exactly how our democratic choice is subverted - as he knows. I put this comment
This is what is politely known as chutzpah.

Soros is the billionaire who funded "democratic opposition" movements in Yugoslavia, Georgia, Ukraine etc so that the assorted "democrats", with openly Nazi credentials & indeed histories could use the very advertising techniques he claims to oppose, to gain power.

I referred, a couple of days ago, to the possibility of CIA psywar teams, as used in the "popular rising" against Milosevic when he was clearly about to win the 2nd round of the democratic election, being perfectly able to be turned against western populations too. I didn't expect confirmation quite this fast.

As Orwellian examples of accusing your opponents of your own crimes, which Mr Soros may wish to more specifically denounce, how about the British media's repeated claims that Milosevic was "another Hitler"? His parents were Resistance heroes, while our allies Izetbegovic & Tudjman were "democrats forming part of western civilisation" despite the fact that they had both served in Hitler's forces & were both publicly committed to genocide. How about the Guardian's assertion that anybody who didn't support Izetbegovic was "antisemitic" despite knowing of that Nazi's own anti-semitism?

Still Soros did well out of it - being "sold" the mines in Kosovo, with £4 billion reserves, for a peppercorn by NATO despite the fact that Yugoslavia rather than NATO owned them - guess separation of powers & government being subject to the rule of law is another of those things Soros is capable of exercising doublethink over.

As proof of the correctness of his concerns the Guardian has, twice, failed to publish this comment. Worse - normally posts appear & are then replaced by a sign "deleted by moderator" so that readers at least know censorship is going on (I recently had a congratulation from another poster on a post which he regretted seeing deleted). In this case. however, comments are clearly being precensored, which must take a bit of extra time & my post has therefore become in an Orwellian way, officially non-existent. Glad I kept a copy.

On the other hand this post by the very estimable Bannedbycastro was allowed to stand
Just who is subverting democracy ?

Established in 1993, the Open Society Institute (OSI) is the most prominent of the numerous foundations belonging to the international billionaire financier George Soros, its founder and Chairman. Claiming to be "a nonpartisan, nonpolitical entity" the OSI describes itself as "a private operating and grant making foundation [that] "aims to shape public policy to promote democratic governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform; ... implements a range of initiatives to support the rule of law, education, public health, and independent media; [and] works to build alliances across borders and continents on issues such as combating corruption and rights abuses."

OSI's Director of U.S. Advocacy is Morton Halperin (President of John Podesta's Center for American Progress, and a longtime affiliate of the Institute for Policy Studies and the National Lawyers Guild).

The President of OSI and the Soros Foundation Network is Aryeh Neier, who, as Director of the socialist League for Industrial Democracy, personally created the radical group Students for a Democratic Society in 1959; he also worked for the American Civil Liberties Union from 1963 to 1978, serving as its Director for the last eight of those years.

PBS broadcaster and Schumann Center for Media and Democracy President Bill Moyers is a former trustee of the Open Society Institute.

OSI supports a wide array of leftist organizations, including:

The Tides Foundation
The Tides Center
The National Organization For Women
Feminist Majority
The American Civil Liberties Union
People For The American Way
Alliance For Justice
NARAL Pro-Choice America
America Coming Together
The Center For American Progress
Campaign For America's Future
Amnesty International
The Sentencing Project
The Center For Community Change
The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People Legal Defense And Educational Fund
The Association Of Community Organizations For Reform Now (ACORN)
Campus Progress
Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics In Washington
Human Rights Watch
The Prison Moratorium Project
The Immigrant Funders' Collaborative
The Moving Ideas Network
The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
The No Peace Without Justice International Committee
The National Lawyers Guild
The Center For Constitutional Rights
The Coalition For An International Criminal Court
The Abortion Access Project
People Of Color In Crisis
The American Prospect
The Gay Straight Alliance Network
The Youth Law Center
Planned Parenthood
The American Constitution Society For Law And Policy
The Institute For Policy Studies
Joint Victory Campaign 2004
The Midwest Academy
Jews For Racial And Economic Justice
Project Syndicate (An International Association Of Newspapers That Publish Anti-American Propaganda)
The Rocky Mountain Peace Center
The International Gay And Lesbian Human Rights Commission
Earth Rights International
The National Gay And Lesbian Task Force
The Nation Institute
The Violence Policy Center
Gun Violence Prevention
Critical Resistance - Beyond The Prison Industrial Complex
The Center For Investigative Reporting
The Million Mom March
Murder Victims' Families For Reconciliation
The Death Penalty Information Center
The Death Penalty Mobilization Fund
The Drug Policy Alliance
The Brennan Center For Justice
The Project On Death In America
The Death With Dignity National Center
The Ms. Foundation For Women
The National Security Archive Fund
The Pacifica Foundation
Physicians For Human Rights
The Proteus Fund
The Public Citizen Foundation
The Urban Institute
The American Friends Service Committee
Catholics For A Free Choice
Human Rights First
The Independent Media Institute

Soros also funds Fenton, which funds the climate alarmist websites, and

However another post from me on a different thread, mentioning the first thread was kept up. It gives more detail on Soros.

Don't worry about being a poverty stricken economics professor. That was the job George Soros, elsewhere on CiF today, had for most of his life until he suddenly, in a largely unexplained manner, became a billionaire able to fund vast amounts of money at foreign democratic politicians committed to the Bilderburg/New world Order agenda. Said politicians often having been underfunded fascists, or in the case of the KLA Islamic terrorists, right up to the moment they became well funded pro-western democrats.

On the gripping hand the comments from real people, rather than the Guardian employees, on this thread on the legitimacy or illegitimacy of Carla del Ponte & the "Yugoslav War crimes Trials" indicates almost 100% of them entirely unconvinced by NATO's & the Guardian's propaganda lies, so perhaps Orwell was wrong.

A few thoughts:

1. Correct me if I'm wrong but you appear to be arguing that Milosovic should have remained in power?

2. What on earth is wrong with Soros funding these groups? Are any of them guilty of, or indeed capable of manipulating reality on the level of Fox News?

3. How's that report from the 'Journal of Geoclimatic Studies'? ;)
1) If that is what people voted for,& it is, then yes. It is called democracy.

2) Read Soros own article - you will see he points out in some detail what is wrong with buying advertising to lie to the electorate.

3) The answer to that question is on my other threads here. The fact that you know enough to ask it proves you have read them.
For really corrupt attempts to influence public opinion try

for an expose of Mr Junk Science Stephen Milloy, the well known whore for Big Tobacco and Big Oil, trying to rig a survey by asking loaded questions.

or here

for an examination of ExxonMobile's bounty for "articles that emphasise the shortcomings of a report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)." and the comment

"As Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth pointed out, despite the fact that no peer-reviewed scientific articles published in recent years express any doubt that climate change is happening, more than 50 percent of news media coverage of the issue includes the oil industry’s position on the subject."

Now that's what I call corruption.
I just did a search on Google for 'Soros Open Society Institute'.

Well, well, well. Here is what I found out about the billionaire so called "philanthropist", George Soros and his involvement in funding self-confessed eastern
European Nazis and Fascists in order to topple independent-minded socialist governments (e.g. Yugoslavia-Serbia,Ukraine,Belarus, Georgia,Azerbaijan, etc: the list goes on and on) said governments being unfavourable to Western Big Government and Big Business interests (e.g., the Western transnational Bilderberg group comprised of billionaire capitalists and their Western government-politician and media whores):

George Soros: “The billionaire trader has become eastern Europe’s uncrowned king and the prophet of “the open society”. But open to what? by Neil Clark, New Statesman, June 2, 2003

The Circle of Deception:
Mapping the Human Rights Crowd in the Balkans by Gilles d'Aymery (George Soros' "Human Rights Watch", "Open Society Institute" and "Institute for War and Peace Reporting": all fronts for US and NATO government propaganda)

The Fabrication and Dissemination of Deception by Gilles d'Aymery (George Soros' "Humanitarian Law Centre" in Belgrade: a front for US and NATO government propaganda)

A German Insider's View of the Kosovo Conflict: "Plotting the War Against Serbia, an Insider's Story"

"finite" and "anonymous": You two are such a joke! All this duplicitous left-wing rhetoric about "Big Oil" and "Big Tobacco" while simultaneously letting billionaire capitalist George Soros' funding of eastern European Nazis and Fascists (on behalf of Western Big Government and Big Business interests) off the hook!

I may well be a "Global Warming denier" but you two are nothing more than a couple of left-wing phonies and hypocrites!
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