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Sunday, November 18, 2007


We lost which, considering that Italy are the world champions & Scotland aren't, isn't really unexpected. However with the exception of letting in a goal in the 69th second (oops) & one in injury time, which came from a corner which really shouldn't have been given, honour was well satisfied. The Italians certainly think so

A sub-headline in national newspaper La Repubblica said: "From Toni to Panucci, the perfect game - but it is a 2-1 (win) obtained with a World Cup spirit."

Ten million viewers watched the game on television in Italy and they were given immediate cause to cheer after Toni's second-minute opener.

Now if only we hadn't managed to lose to Georgia we would have gone through. We do so well against the odds - beating France & Ukraine & playing our hearts out after losing a silly goal to Italy in the 2nd minute. It would be nice to kill the dwarves as well as the giants.

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