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Saturday, November 03, 2007


The Scotsman is still censoring me from commenting. I could go on under a different name but unlike Groucho I don't really want to be in a club that wouldn't have me for a member.

Iain Williams of the Grauniad bets me a bottle of rum I cannot find anything from him supporting our KLA terrorist frieds - & loses ..

Nobblling Gore

Are we alone

Hate the Russians,,2190892,00.html

China's military not, as the Guardian claimed, the 2nd in the world.,,2190750,00.html

Free entreprise

Crisis in the LibDems

Why people are Green

True Liberalism,,2192734,00.html,,2193510,00.html,,2196541,00.html

James Watson



The Greens speak out


Scottish election postal ballots

EU referendum,,2197975,00.html

International law

The net & print journalism

Jewish "bullying"

More ludicrous PC Luddite cliches
& So, we must remember: the BBC is a leftwing institution populated by "metropolitan liberals"; the immigration debate has been suppressed for decades (as the Daily Mail and Telegraph constantly remind us); global warming is fiction; and most problems can be traced back to political correctness.

Moonbat predicts doom again,,2201594,00.html


Forth crossing cost

Pope's new Nazi Saints





Selling Green Indulgences

Hi Neil,

Here is a response of a part-Croatian reader going by the name of "Green April" to your comment post on the Guardian at:

I have inserted URL links after each inaccurate,deceptive or otherwise misleading comment made by "Green April" refuting the Croatian writer's claims:

"...I have more than sufficient first-hand and documentary evidence that even in regions, such as lika, where hideous crimes were organised by serb units in a clearly organised manner - including rape and concentration camps,...

[here this Croatian writer is repeating the Western media Goebbels'-style Big Lie long since disproven even by internal reports by NATO governments & the UN itself - but not for public consumption of course. For more on Tudjman and what actually happened in 1990 Croatia PRIOR to the "official" outbreak of civil war in Yugoslavia in June 1991,see:

"...but you stride in with your size 12s and seem to want to depict croatia as a nazi state"

[No need for Neil Craig to "depict" Croatia as being Nazi, the Croatians of today are more than happy to brag about it openly themselves at rock concerts endorsed & even attended by the highest government functionaries of the Croatian state: see photos at]:

"which by looking at history would qualify modern france and italy just as much as 'fascist' or still harbouring 'nazi' sympathy.

[Wrong.Modern day Italy and France aren't ruled by genocidal neo-Nazi governments of the neo-Ustasha Tudjman HDZ fascist type & have not systematically slaughtered & expelled 550,000 to 600,000 people over a 5 year period in a brutal & illegal secessionist war backed by Germany, the US, NATO & the Vatican]

"after all, how much do their nationalists win at elections?

[Tudjman was far more than a mere "nationalist" - he was actually a pro-Ustasha Nazi fascist with openly genocidal, racist views much like Ante Pavelic & Adolf Hitler!]

"and how much would the nationalists (tudjman being our very own Le Pen) win, do you think, if they were in the midst of an organised, systematic ethnic cleansing blitzkrieg"

[Actually totally the reverse was true: when Tudjman & his pro-Ustasha fascist HDZ party came to power in May 1990,in a seven month period to December 1990, well over 50,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed because of Tudjman's racist, pro-Nazi Ustasha policies.This was even confirmed by Simon Wiesenthal in an interview he gave in the early 90s. Serbs were systematically harassed,persecuted, sacked from their government jobs, their houses ransacked & burnt down, Serbs of all ages were shot at with AK-47 machine guns,beaten or knifed to death in their own homes or on the street by rampaging hordes of black-shirted neo-Ustasha thugs. This was made possible because Tudjman had enacted a policy of issuing ALL Serbs in Croatia with an identity card with the number "3" as an indentifying marker - the Croatian equivalent for Serbs that Nazi Germany instituted, forcing Jews to wear the Jewish Star of David on their clothing. A further 500,000 Serbs would be ethnically cleansed & tens of thousands murdered by the Croatian state from 1991 to 1995. See for example ]

"as happened to croatia and then bosnia, that in croatia's case captured a third of its territory in a matter of weeks?

[here this Croatian writer is yet again repeating the Western media Goebbels'-style Big Lie, referring to the native Krajina Serbs bordering Croatia-proper as somehow being occupiers, conquering & "capturing" "Croatian territory" - when in actual fact Serbs had lived in the Krajina province bordering Croatia for well over four centuries since the Austro-Hungarian emperors invited them to defend the borders of Western European civilization from the territorial aspirations & aggression of the Ottoman Turkish empire. This would be like saying that "the Scots captured Glasgow & Edinburgh"]


"that doesn't absolve the people who reacted with more war crimes to that original war crime.

[Another bald faced outrageous Goebbels' style Big Lie, turning the world upside down by making the genocidal Croatian neo-Ustasha Nazi criminals like Tudjman & Mesic the innocent victims of "aggression": the Serbs were the ones attacked & ethnically cleansed from Croatia by Tudjman's pro-Ustasha HDZ government. See for example

"...nor does it mean that all serbs are to blame for what milosevic and a cabal of his own achieved.

[To see how ridiculous this part-Croatian writer's comment on Milosevic is see: ]

"but your points seem ill-suited to making an important and valuable point about the vatican's hypocrisy.

"And i think you need to explain better what you're talking about here:

"The same Pope gave $2 billion to the more recent Croatian Nazi leader (a man who had openly said that "genocide is commanded by the word of the Almighty" for him to carry out his war with. The present incumbent was his assistant then."

[To see what Neil Craig is referring to above, go to]
"Are you a Dirty Jew?": Croatians in Australia respond to the critics of
neo-Nazi rock groups touring Croatian-Australian social community clubs:

[Neil, it's of course very nice to see the supposedly "anti-fascist" & "oh so dedicated to the truth" reporter Ian Williams & his journalistic colleagues at the supposedly "anti-fascist" UK newspaper,The Guardian, dutifully reporting on this story......NOT!],23599,22655137-2,00.html

Oppose [Croatian] Fascist Rock Star’s US Tour with the Truth:

Neil, the UK will be 3,000 feet under water due to "Global Warming" before Ian Williams admits to being a pathological, incorrigible LIAR and sends you that bottle of rum he owes you.

To Ian Williams of The Guardian:

I hope at some point, you & Norman Fraser of the Liberal Democrats, somehow inadvertantly stumble across this comment on Neil Craig's blog whilst doing a search for something else on Google & fully absorb it; you spineless, treacherous,dishonest appeaser of genocidal, mass-murdering Balkan fascists.
US/NATO governments are yet again preparing for war against Serbia & the Bosnian Serb Republic! ['Republic of Srpska']using Ustasha-Nazi Croatia, Kosovo's Fascist-mafia-child-sex-slavery-racketeering KLA, Islamofascist Bosnia & criminal-mafia-based Montenegro as their proxy terrorist armies against the Serbs of Former Yugoslavia:

NATO Stages a War Provocation in the Balkans:

The March to War: NATO Preparing for War with Serbia?

["...According to a NATO press release, “Approximately 2,000 military and 50 civilian personnel, over 30 ships and submarines and 20 fixed-wing aircraft from NATO and the Croatian Armed Forces will train together in a Crisis Response Operation scenario, where NATO is appointed by the U.N. to build up an immediate reaction in a fictitious country on the brink of civil war.” [4]

"It is clear that NATO intends to settle the issue of Kosovo through military means. Rear-Admiral Alain Hinden, the French commandant of the NATO exercise has made a statement that is a dead giveaway about the underlying intentions of NATO in regards to the exercise: “This exercise has been designed for years. The U.N. and NATO are training for this type of real intervention, of humanitarian assistance be it in this region [the Balkans] or anywhere else in the world.” [5]

"...NATO Military Integration: Preparing the World for a Broader War?

"According to the British Broadcasting Service (BBC), “With the military forces of Western [meaning NATO] nations stretched, particularly those of the U.S. and U.K. [in Iraq and Afghanistan], flexibility and adaptability are becoming increasingly important.” [6]

"Commander Cunningham, a British naval officer, aboard the H.M.S. Illustrious in the Adriatic Sea, off the coastline of the former Yugoslavia and Albania, has told the BBC’s Nick Hawton that “integrating [NATO] forces at this level has simply not happened before.” [7]

["...None of these events are coincidental; they are all carefully planned steps of a “military roadmap.” It was the subsequent bases that were established in the Balkans after the 1999 NATO war on Yugoslavia that allowed the logistical groundwork for an invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 to take place. These are different battles of the same war...

"Breaking Yugoslavia: Eastward Prerequisite for Targeting Russia and the Middle East?"

“Yugoslavia, consisting of Serbia and Montenegro, fits into the geopolitical plans of the U.S., and to a lesser degree NATO countries, because it’s there, strategically located, and this has to be addressed.”

-Ramsey Clark, 66th United States Attorney-General (October 6, 2000)

"Bill Clinton said “If we’re going to have a strong economic relationship that includes our ability to sell around the world, Europe has got to be a key…That’s what this Kosovo thing [meaning the war with Yugoslavia] is all about,” during the NATO bombing campaign over Serbia and Montenegro.

"The wars in Yugoslavia were a case where the Franco-German entente, France and Germany, and the Anglo-American alliance, the U.S. and Britain, were working hand-in-hand to extend their spheres of influences. Future developments were being foreshadowed from the Franco-German and Anglo-American collusion.

"In the wake of the Dayton agreement of 1995 and the NATO invasion of Kosovo in 1999, U.S. and NATO military bases, formally and informally, mushroomed in the Balkans with no treaty limitations. One of the largest U.S. military facilities in the Balkans is the Bondsteel military base. Bondsteel is situated in the Serbian province of Kosovo, inhabited predominately by ethnic Albanians. From Kosovo, the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was also destabilized and engaged into the orbit of NATO powers.

"The 1991 Gulf War, the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, and the 2003 invasion of Iraq are functionally related to the wars in the Balkans and the dismantling of Yugoslavia. These series of wars are part of a broader post-Cold War military roadmap in Eurasia.

"The destabilization and subsequent bombardment of Yugoslavia should be considered as a distinct stage in the “Eurasian roadmap,” which was beneficial to the establishment of U.S. bases and an extended U.S. sphere of military influence in Southeastern Europe. Britain, France, and Germany were America’s partners in this endeavour...
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