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Saturday, November 17, 2007


Jerry Pournelle mentioned this story about a Saudi girl getting 200 lashes for being raped (technically being in the company of the men who raped her). He published my comment on the matter & how it reflects on US policy, realpolitik &, naturally, Yugoslavia:

The subtext mentioned at the end of the article is that this happened because she was Shia & the rapists Sunni. If it were true that the US was motivated by competent oil greed rather than the incompetence of a bull in a china shop the CIA would be setting up a liberation movement for the eastern (Shia) Saudi provinces, where coincidentally the oil is & then occupying the place to liberate the locals when the Saudis crack down. Exacerbating ethnic divisions is the way to shatter almost any state & in the particular case of the wahabbi kingdom, might be worthwhile.

This is what they did in Kosovo a place of absolutely no possible use to anybody except the local gangsters, drug lords & white slavers we recruited as a liberation movement.

Neil Craig

I have no desire to shatter Saudi Arabia. What I would like to do is develop our own resources and let the Saudis sell their oil to whomever will buy it.

As to injustices, when these United States have become paradise, it will be time to tell the world how to live; as it will be time for the federal government to tell the rest of us how to keep the peace and educate our children when they do so in the District of Columbia.

PS If the Israelis were to show a little more concern, genuine or otherwise, for the minorities in arab countries (Christians in Palestine & Lebanon, Kurds in Iran & Iraq, Shia in Saudo, most of the population in Iran) it might pay dividends.

I have just noted the reference to "when these United States have become". The plural is an unusual usage & suggests that it is a union of sovereign states. I have found Dr Pournelle always precise in the use of language.
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