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Monday, November 12, 2007


The Guardian has just reprinted Mr Thorpe's article on his blog

& I, free of charge, replied by posting my updates with the following addendum
As well as being a "satarist & fiction writer" Mr Thorpe is, according to his blog, a Guardian free lance journalist :-). I therefore assume that the Guardian is willing to pay for his article. I doubt they would pay for mine. The remark about the BBC being more willing to report this has not yet happened but clearly the Guardian is, but censors any report of the new but undisputed evidence that 1934 was warmer than 1998.
I would have made it longer but was running into their letter limit. Let us hope that it is not "moderated" as well.

Oh dear, no sense of humour as well as no sense. You have been well hoist by your own inveterate laziness. Well done that man!
This David Thorpe character is such a fraud and phony.Worst of all: a shameless liar just like most of the pro "Global Warming" ecological fascist crowd bought and paid for by Big Government interests.

Look at what he wrote on his myspace blog:

"For the record, I didn't write it. The writer of the fake paper has a high understanding of the science and is a prominent campaigner."

American Thinker magazine commented on Thorpe's brazenly dishonest so called "confession", thus:

"Thanks to alert reader Cedric, we now have a confession form David Thorpe that he was, indeed, the person who intentionally put up the fraudulent GEOCLIMATICSTUDIES.INFO website, that he did so with the intent of trying to discredit people he disagrees with and one other very, very important thing for the media to remember:

"He lies to reporters. Intentionally and directly to their faces."
Here's irrefutable proof that David Thorpe is a shameless liar, who as American Thinker magazine noted: "He lies to reporters. Intentionally and directly to their faces."

Here's David Thorpe talking to Reuters in response to them asking if he was the originator of the hoax:

“We’re just the website design company,” said David Thorpe at Cyberium in Wales, listed as the administrator of the site.

“I don’t know anything about the content. We were just asked to put the website up.”

Above quote taken from Reuters article:

"Bacteria hoax briefly fools climate sceptics"

Note the subtle change in the title from the earlier Reuters' piece, entitled:

"Hoax bacteria study tricks climate skeptics"

which made it sound as if enormous numbers of sceptics were fooled: and fooled for a long time at that.

See "Fake Global Warming Study Fools Four: Reuters Runs Wire Story"

Here's an astute reader who accurately summed up Reuters' twisting of the facts and distortion of the truth in the comments section of the above Reuters article "Bacteria hoax briefly fools climate sceptics" :

4. yourownoax says:
November 9th, 2007 at 1:23 pm GMT

"This article (the Reuters piece,A.S.) is a hoax itself.

No blogger said “This could not be more damaging to man-made global warming theory,”. The blogger was quoting the e.mail.

"Your news are hoaxes. Dont blame others to copy-paste. You dont just copy-paste. You manipulate."
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