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Saturday, November 24, 2007


The Guardian has, quite astonishingly, been publishing articles from their regular columnists(here & here which are 180 degrees against everything they have been previously saying about Kosovo. Suddenly, having for months been doing articles about how dreadful the Serbs & Russians are for refusing to go along with western desire to hand over Kosovo to our genocidal Islamic terrorist friends & decades of supporting genocide, they are suddenly saying it shouldn't be handed over after all.

President Snake Thaci (his nom de terreur) says that as of December 10th he is going to declare "independence". I suspect NATO just hasn't got the military commitment to act. Leaving out the minor point that 65% of Kosovo's GNP is NATO aid. Presumably well over 100% of the government budget some of which will be going into the Swiss bank accounts of the gangsters who make up the leadership of the KLA. Does anybody doubt that the KLA are going to immediately start up genocide & ethnic cleansing again?

In the occupation agreement, (which specifically acknowledges Kosovo as part of Serbia - but never mind) the NATO/UN occupiers guaranteed to ensure peace & security & to disarm the KLA. So when the KLA start openly committing genocide by shooting people what are the occupiers to do. Before the eyes of the world, with no excuses about Milosevic or such they will be forced to actually use their troops to stop genocide. But this is not 1999. Afghanistan & the blogsphere has changed things. We have seen most of the NATO troops in Afghanistan given rules of engagement that say they are not to fight in provinces where there is combat going on & certainly never to fight at night. Are these people going to fight their own employees. Britain has already pulled our troops out & we have barely enough to guard Buckingham Palace let alone Kosovo. I assume the US troops there are not their best fighters either. I think the French would fight, but then they not entirely on message about this imperialism. The Dutch actively refused to prevent the genocide of 3,800 Serb civilians at Srebrenica. The Wehrmacht are the old friends of those members of the KLA who were in the SS.

The only alternative to stopping President Snake would be for NATO troops to actively support genocide by stopping the Serb military, led by the President that Albright chose for them, reoccupying their own country. All of this done with the entire world watching through the net & with the western world now considerably better informed about our Nazi allies than they were when virtually all news was controlled by the MSM.

This may be Putin's moment. Russia is officially part of the occupation force. Suppose they fly in a 20,000 of the re-equipped & revamped Russian army, flying the UN flag, to Pristina or, if it turns out technical difficulties prevent NATO letting them land, to the Serb side of the border. Is there any possibility that NATO troops would be willing to fire the first shot at Russian UN forces for the purpose of protecting people openly engaged in genocide in an area where their communications are chaotic (there is now a road over the mountains between Kosovo & Albania but it is hardly satisfactory) & where they would ultimately be outnumbered. Does anybody doubt that the Russian troops would be infinitely better at stopping the war criminal Snake's genocide. Why they might even be able to find the KLA creatures who posed for photographs carrying human heads - 2 of whom have been positively identified as members of NATO's police, but they still have been officially unable to trace.

It is time to bring the Nazis to justice. All of them

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