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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Scottish Enterprise

Dragging in the Holocaust

Watson again

Monbiot opposes biofuels,,2205948,00.html


Suversion through funding "democracy"

Police leaking pre-trial "information" Gordon Brown & visiion,,220920
International court


Kosovo/Bosnia - yet another thread where the Guardian's anti-Serb racism is more than counterded by online comments which, with the exception of a couple of Bosnian Moslems is virtually unanimous that NATO's wars were deliberately criminal

Celtic budgie

Israel & Krajina,,2212980,00.html

Scottish Tunnel Project

Letters from LudDim MSPs,,2212126,00.html

"Scientists cannot deny warming"

How Question Time works

Friends of the Earth

And this one is worth checking since it involves the Guardian doing & one of its regular writers doing a 180 turn on their position on Kosovo. It rather seems the party line has changed which may mean that NATO, for reasons given in the article, think Kosovo independence isn't on, or possibly the overwhelming opposition to the Guardian pushing Nazism among online commenters (with the exception of those to whom Albanian is clearly the first language.

Railways - from John Redwood's blog. I am becoming impressed by Redwood, who, within the limits of party discipline, shows a continuing ability to know what he is talking about.

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