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Friday, November 02, 2007


I wish to introduce my US readers to Melanie Phillips & my UK readers to Peggy Noonan.

Both are "conservative" intelligent, realistic, tough minded, principled & understanding that the law is not a dispensable luxury.

I was introduced to Peggy by Jerry Pournelle's site where he said she was "always worth reading" & to Melanie by John Brignell of Numberwatch as "a new heroine of common sense in the British press".

On of the advantages of the net is that we are not limited to our own national press (though the parochialism of the US media in concentrating on the US may be as wearing to us as the impartiality of the UK media in concentrating on Britain must be to Americans) & I think we could all benefit from a wider perspective. I know I have quite a high proportion of my readership from the US.

Why not introduce your American readers to Neil Kinnock and your Welsh readers to Joe Biden?
I think Ms Noonan is inteligent enough not to have to rip off anybody else's words.
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